Everything to Know About Wikipedia Pages and How to Create them

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Wikipedia is the only source with over a million+ articles and thousands of brand profiles. It even comprises full-sized timelines of famous companies and celebs. You can literally read about every renowned personality and prominent firm in chronological order since its inception. How amazing is that!

Wikipedia is a complete database-driven website that regulates the publication of articles and page updates round the clock. Hence, it is now evident that this platform is an encyclopedia on the internet. Students can read articles and use the material for school and college projects. Surely, Wikipedia is a lifesaver for school-going children and undergrads trying to break free from project and exam tensions.

Unexpectedly, Wiki is doing something beneficial for the eCommerce domain. It’s good news for marketers since it is a reputable platform where people swarm in huge numbers daily. Now you and anyone who runs a business or brand can publish their articles on the global database forum. Therefore, it’s high time to hire a Wikipedia company page creation. Read below to know more about Wiki pages and their stepwise creation process:

Pivotal factors for developing a Wikipedia page

  • Owning a firm is a plus, especially if you’re the CEO, President, or founder.
  • You can also divulge and discuss ground-breaking inventions that have the power to alter the direction of human history.
  • Develop novel ideas that the world has not yet encountered.
  • Next, you can share several technologies that have a positive influence.
  • Surprisingly, Wikipedia is still in its early stages. It means it still needs data to thrive as a complete and robust archive. Therefore, it is the most convincing argument for why you should create online Wikipedia pages. Furthermore, it aids in enhancing the internet marketing strategy for your company.

A step-by-step procedure to create a Wikipedia page for beginners:

1. Start by researching

First, read the guidelines and visit the Wikipedia community circle and pages on the platform and elsewhere. We recommend you watch tutorials on how to write a Wiki page on YouTube. Read a conversation on a Wikipedia forum thread and dig the internet for more sound Wiki page publication knowledge. Thus, obtaining endorsements from people who already have their pages on the platform.

2. Sign up on Wikipedia

The next step is to sign up and login into your Wikipedia account. You can also Google “how to create an account on Wikipedia.” Just follow the steps and fill in the required information on the boards to get started.

3. Follow the steppingstones

Read and edit Wikipedia pages prior to writing your own. Practice your writing and improve the right skills and writing styles that are eligible for Wikipedia articles. Search miscellaneous pages of history, companies, people, science subjects, etc., to examine the write-up formats. Take each step at a time and start writing your brand page once it’s over. Good luck!

4. Gather information sources

Now it’s time to create an assemblage of various Wikipedia links, external website links, and other information sources. In other words, collect references to add them to your article to help you authenticate that what you’ve written is based on facts and truth.

5. Now start writing your Wikipedia page

Begin writing your bio, business profile, or brand page. Write what you will with the intention that every piece of information you provide is based on sound evidence and logic. Ensure everything is valid and will do nothing but enlighten whoever goes through your Wikipedia page.

6. Page submission for review and approval

After completing your article, it’s time to send your article to Wikipedia officials. Do double-checking and even take your time before submission. Request beta readers to go through your work and provide you with feedback. Make changes where needed and hit the press button. Remember, wait for at least two weeks (12-16 days) before you try to contact them for your pending article for approval.

The Practical steps for developing Wikipedia pages

Anyone can create a Wikipedia page by simply signing up on the platform and start writing. But it is not a regular blogging website where you can write and upload blogs on the go. Wikipedia is rather a bit more technical.

Step #1: Fill in the Search Credentials:

Fill in the search field with text to create your page title. Create something original that doesn’t resemble any other Wikipedia pages in the past. You will see three things: either the page doesn’t exist, you can create it, or it gives you a red link to the page title. After finishing this procedure successfully, you can proceed to the next step. You will see the following sentence if your intended Wikipedia page is unique and hasn’t been done before:

“There are no results that match the query.”

Step #2 Inspect the red link:

  1. Go to any available, accessible page and click on edit;
  2. Enclose the page heading you want to create in double brackets, for example, [Proposed Title];
  3. Now, click the Show preview button (not the Publish changes button);
  4. Select the highlighted red link. Now you must click on the red link that appears on your display.

Step #3: Save the red link somewhere

You’re ready to go once you’ve successfully completed the preceding steps. As a result, bookmark your read link for future reference. Save the link or place it in your user page’s ‘User Talk’ section. When you save your red link, it will turn blue.

  1. Visit your user’s or another user’s talk page (you can find both of these permanent links atop the Wikipedia page).
  2. Put [Proposed Title] in doubled brackets around the page title you want to create.
  3. Click the button labeled “Publish Changes.”
  4. Click the highlighted red link.

Step #4 Update the URL of your Wikipedia page

Change the title of any existing page or section by clicking the edit button. It is also displayed in your browser’s address bar as the name of a non-existent page in the URL. Then, on the resulting page, press the return/enter key. It will be exactly as if you had clicked on a red link. After that, you will be able to create a page based on the caption for your current page.

When you get the edit button on of your screens, you will see the following website address on your URL search typing space:

Wikipedia: How to Create a Page

“If you are unable to view this page as you might require a user account on Wikipedia, simply remove the ‘&action=edit” from the website link.”

Now, use it to change the page into a “Proposed Title” by changing it to:

Wikipedia’s PT link

“The same applies here, i.e., remove the text from the website address like you did for the prior link.”

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