Guest Post FAQ’s

What is CFE-Station?

CFE-Station is a global media channel that publishes news flashes about Celebrity, Fashion, and Entertainment particularly and generally about Sports, Politics, Music, Lifestyle, World news, many other hot topics that revolve around the globe. Celebrity, Fashion, Entertainment-Station is an on-stream platform that talks about multiple hype topics but specifically covers certain areas such as Celebrity, Fashion, and Entertainment, as in its name stated.

Is it a worth-while digital channel to subscribe?

CFE-Station seeks information and data for its audience through reliable resources. It does not compromise over the validity and truth-fullness of any news.

If you love to read about the fashion industry, entertainment world, and celebrities, so here is the solution to all your problems on a single platform that is CFE-Station. CFE-Station promises to demonstrate every side of the World. It will bring the whole globe at your place. You can know every situation that changes every second.

CFE-Station has a diversity of content on its digital channel that is accessible for everyone. CFE-Station has designed categories to entertain its users, and the versatility of content impact the young and elders.

If you want to know all the details about the celebrities and the ongoing events in the fashion world, you should subscribe to the digital platform of CFE-Station.

How can I post my content on CFE-Station?

CFE-Station provides a guest portal, where the writers demonstrate their creativity, school of thought, opinions, and reviews about a particular product, covers an event and information about any celebrity. For posting your piece of art, you have to sign up for an account; here, you can start posting your original content such as impartial videos and images. Additionally, you can post a list of content that is the same boundaries. After uploading the content, you need to add a nice description or an impressive headline to meet success for your post.

Which sort of stuff should I post on CFE-Station?

The content you are planning to post on CFE-Station must contain funny, exciting, and classy stuff. If you find that stuff on stream, you can share it with CFE-Station confidently, and if you think that that stuff can be viral, then you should post it. Every day, the editors of CFE-Station engage in search of positioning cool things on its feature list. Your post may get the feature position of the CFE-Station home page.

Things I should evade to post?

Stuff like porn, spam, threatens videos, and content that violates the community boundaries is not acceptable to post. It may be resultant to eradicate your account or limitations of your posting rights.

 What happens next after posting the content I post on CFE-Station?

The post or content you upload will spontaneously appear in the recent updates section. Where the editors of CFE-Station evaluate your stuff arithmetically, and if it seems promising, they promote it on different parts of the site.

Who decides for the featured post?

Our editors contest the posts, and then after statistically evaluating, they decide for the posts to keep on the homepage or featured list.

If something offends or hurts of an individual or a group of individuals, what I need to do?

If any content or post offend or upset you, instead of responding to the person who posts and commits an offense, you can let us know or email us regarding the attack or the ideology that insulted you. Usually, we do not make things public that threatens the doctrine of any community, sect, religion, or gender. But somewhat anything unpleased you or bothers you, you can get in touch with us.

I posted before a post that I think carries aptitude for being on the feature list, but it does not happen. Why?

Yes, it is possible to happen. There are some reasons for not being featured in a post. Some presented here.

  • The content you post already occupies the space over the site or has shared multiple times from different users.
  • Our editors can neglect the content that demands more alteration due to its grammatical mistakes or defective material. So, before posting content, you should keenly observe or recheck your piece of writing.
  • The editors wish for the content that specifically covers the area that has missed in the original post.

I want to know about your writers. Are they rumoring creators or truth-seeker?

CFE-Station has several talented and dedicated writers, who write like magic. They are enthusiastic about their detailed tasks. CFE-Station always hires the truth-seeker storytellers, who value the actuality of the matter rather than creating rumors. The content they generate arrives with the resources. After the subscription of CFE-Station, you can read your favorite piece of writing and creativity.