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Write for CFEStation.com

Celebrity Fashion Entertainment- Station has a particular portal that invites the best guest writers from all over the world to write for the website. CFE-Station provides a platform where people can publicize and showcase their masterpieces of writing. We would be glad to update our portal with your creativity and aesthetic thoughts. CFE-Station designs this portal to know about the ideological beliefs that may inspire many other people around the world. That is why; CFE-Station opens up the gateway for new writers or storytellers.

But we have specific criteria; we hope the writers will follow that.

  • The content must be about Celebrity, Fashion, and Entertainment, CFE-Station also accepts content that revolves around Sports, Politics, Lifestyle, Home and Garden, Business, and other top stories circulating over.
  • The write-up must be informative and in the form of an article.
  • The article should contain at least one main heading and subheadings.
  • The content should not be AI Content and copy-pasted; it must be plagiarism free, grammatically perfect, and 100% unique.
  • We don’t accept promotional articles for free.
  • The title should be attractive and contain 70 characters, and the content must be relevant to our website niche.
  • Content must be a minimum of 800 to 1000 words, and the maximum count can be unlimited (depending on the requirement and nature of the topic).
  • You must submit one featured image in Webp format (1200 x 675) relevant to the niche, and we allow you to suggest 3-5 Related Tags/Keywords.
  • It takes 3-5 business days to review the article, and then we will publish it.
  • For the article submission, we required 60 characters of Meta Title and 160 characters of Meta Description.
  • We don’t publish articles, which have already been published somewhere else.
  • We prefer emails which contain the original website’s domain, for example, contact@yourwebsitedomain.com.
  • Before submitting the article, make sure you have followed all the guidelines mentioned here because we designed these guidelines for your help. If you find some confusion or any query which is not in the guidelines, you may contact us at contact@cfestation.com.

Now, CFE-Station wants to discuss the guidelines for the guest writers briefly.

The content must revolve around Celebrities, Fashion, and Entertainment.

CFE-Station aimed to publish content based on celebrities, fashion, and entertainment. We hope that our guest writers will respect our policy and will accommodate our content-related policy. CFE-Station will be proud to receive the content from its regular reader or audience. CFE-Station promises to update the content on its website portal that will be a set of information about Hollywood, Bollywood, and any other showbiz personality belonging to any country. We publicize the piece of writing received by our guest writers that cover any event, fashion show, and movie premier.

Will CFE-Station publicize my article?

The answer is yes. CFE-Station claims to upload your article that regulates the celebrities’ bios, their upcoming project-related information, their efforts and hardships before coming to the entertainment industry, and their way of thinking regarding any issue. We would love to add this writing piece to our daily updates. Fashion followers always stick to somewhat with any media website to know the recent updates in the fashion world. CFE-Station says that the guest writers may contribute to spreading information related to fashion. The word limit for the article is fewer than 1000.

A piece of opinion

We allow our guest writers to demonstrate their set of views and a set of ideologies. But we restrict or prohibit not accepting any hate speech or ideas that may threaten another individual or set of individuals. CFE- Station does not receive the content material that opposes the Government and Government organizations and their policies. The content should not target any entity or group of people belonging to any sect or religion. The opinion should have strong resource background and data of any sort.

Content about Reviews

The CFE-Station allows you to write about any event or function such as celebrity meet-ups, fashion shows, fashion weeks, celebrity birthdays, weddings, and other high society parties where stars and iconic are present. The writers can review these events based on gathered information, and they can write about coming up with special events in the entertainment industry.

A Fashion Guide

The content that may guide or supervise many reader or viewer about contemporary or recent fashion trends and cultures, CFE-Station promise to make publish on its online media-related website. The writers who are working in the fashion industry or any accessories firm possess more appropriate information belonging to their respective fields. CFE-Station invites those people to submit their fashion guidance that may help full for fashion followers and readers.

Content Quality matters a lot

CFE-Station states the statement for that guest writers to write content that quality must meet the standards and terms of CFE-Station. We value our guest writers and suggest they read first the guidelines and instructions for submitting and publishing the content on the platform of CFE- Station. If the content does not match our set of standards, CFE-Station is not obliged to publicize it.

Furthermore, the content must be error-free, grammatically checked, and should not be from any other media channel.