Effective Ways To Write Wikipedia Pages For Your Business

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Undoubtedly, getting yourself or your brand on Wikipedia is the best thing ever to date. It was a time in the past when we thought it was meant only for the elite class. But now we’re seeing the winds of change. Nowadays, anyone can publish their Wikipedia Pages online. You can create a non-talk namespaces page if you have an account on the internet’s biggest encyclopedia. Nonetheless, you can craft specific pages if you’re not a member of this platform.

Furthermore, you can read the Wikipedia: ‘Your First Article’ section to get a more insightful idea if you’re a beginner. Here you can read all the Dos and don’ts of creating your first Wikipedia page. Right now, you’re reading a general guide that will discuss the main factors that allow a smooth flow. It will help you craft Wiki pages efficiently. You can also hire Wiki Experts INC, known for its award-winning services. Here, the in-house experts cater diligent Wikipedia research and copywriting to entrepreneurs and enterprises.

However, if you’re looking for more basic knowledge of creating Wikipedia pages with proper formats, then check out a few topics. Subsequently, search for main notability guidelines and the verifiability process on the platform. You can also find plenty of Wikipedia tutorials on YouTube or read forums on Quora and other online thread discussions.

Reasons to create a Wikipedia page for your business

Wikipedia is the biggest database on the internet. Getting your pages is like a big dream. You should be a diehard fan of crafting pages for many reasons. You can post here, but ensure it’s real stuff. Make sure you publish informative, well-thought-out Wikipedia pages and include information in a hierarchy.

Below are the most popular reasons you should create Wiki pages for your online business:

  • Your brand or business includes something groundbreaking. You are providing products and services that are unique and phenomenally rare. Besides, introducing something peculiar via Wikipedia pages is an effective way to promote your brand.
  • Your ‘CEO/Proprietorship’ is quite noteworthy. Hence, it’s better to publish your information via a Wikipedia page. In case you didn’t know, Wiki publishers run a ‘notability’ test online to determine its true value.
  • Wikipedia lacks full-scale technology information. Further, it has prompted many business owners to create Wikipedia pages that contain one-to-one details of their business industries.

Fundamental steps to creating a Wikipedia page

You should be familiar with the nuts and bolts of creating pages on the biggest database channel. Start with your insightful research. Now, begin by getting yourself familiar with the Wikipedia community. Become one of the best Wiki citizens that abide by the rules. Your Wikipedia page should be publishable and should remain on the platform forever. Also, ensure your page will not be deleted afterward. It means that you should post only original content on your page. Besides, someone can challenge your post if you cannot publish truthful information about your business.

Next, create a Wikipedia account. Use your real name and official email address. Do not use a moniker or nickname that represents your casual side. It looks awkward. Likewise, do not create an email address that sounds funny. Remember, creating Wikipedia pages is a serious business. Take formal decisions to finalize your Wiki profile project.

After conducting the above two steps, now it’s time to start. Do not take leaps of faith in the beginning. Start climbing the ladder with baby steps. Start by editing different pages that are already on the digital database. Eliminate errors on existing pages if you see any. You should save their screenshots to share them with your potential customers later. Besides, it will be a great addition to your Wikipedia pages portfolio collection.

Moreover, you have to gather your sources for creating your official business posts. Perhaps it will be a great time saver for the future. You’ll be able to pick information loaded in the backpack concurrently while creating your pages. Besides, creating something for Wikipedia isn’t something interesting. After all, it’s boring and requires a huge chunk of your life’s 24-hour clock.

Remember, Wikipedia isn’t your typical business marketing platform. It’s like a death wish that craves authentic sources, references, and famous events. Ensure you add ample of these to publish your business profile on Wikipedia.

Finally, it’s time to send your Wikipedia pages to the officials. Ensure you have done everything suitably. Keep things minimal yet meaningful. Do not send your Wikipedia pages if they aren’t properly formatted. Use ‘Wiki code’ for formatting your Wikipedia. Miserably, it can be boring if you are looking to inscribe your HTML codes.

The step-by-step Wikipedia page creation process

Besides the fundamental step for a layperson, here’s something you should know about Wikipedia. Below are some of the essential Wikipedia page creation steps you should know about:

Step 1: Searching

Enter text in the search field for creating your page title. Create something unique that doesn’t resemble any former pages on Wikipedia. You will see a) the page does not exist, b) it informs that you can create this page, or c) it provides a red link to the page title. Now you can head towards the next step once you complete this process.

“No results match the query.”

Step 2: previewing a red link

  1. Click on edit on any available, accessible page;
  2. Border the page heading you want to create in doubled brackets, for example, [[Proposed Title]];
  3. Now click on the Show preview button (not the Publish changes button);
  4. Click on the red link revealed. Now you have to click on the red link showing on your screens.

Step 3: save your red link somewhere

You’re good to go once you complete all the above steps. Therefore, save your read link to enjoy easy access in the future. Save the link on your user page or put it in the ‘User Talk’ section. Your red link will turn blue after it’s saved.

  1. Go to your user or user’s talk page (both of which are permanently linked at the top of each Wikipedia page).
  2. Put [[Proposed Title]] in double brackets around the page title you want to create.
  3. Select the Publish Changes button.
  4. Select the red link that appears.

Step 4: Modify your Wikipedia page URL

If you click edit on any existing page or page section, change the page’s title. Also, it is shown in the URL of your browser’s address bar to the name of a non-existent page. Next, hit return/enter the resulting page. It will be the same as if you clicked on a red link. Afterward, it will allow you to create a page based on your page’s caption.

For example, if you were supposed to click ‘edit’ at the page’s top, you would see the following URL in your browser’s address bar:


To convert the page into a “Proposed Title” using it, you would change it to:

https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Proposed Title&action=edit

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