9 Best Animated Product Video Examples (To Inspire Your Next Video)

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Unlike what we read, what we see is far easier for our minds to remember. And that is precisely what your digital marketing plan has to do.

There are so many different approaches and tactics that businesses use to market and sell their products. Animated video products have grown in popularity recently. Even some of the most well-known corporations in the world use animated videos to help their clients understand the products in a way that encourages purchases. Customers are intrigued and amazed by these videos since they are appealing and captivating.

Did you know that 72% of customers prefer to watch a videos to learn more about a product or service?

This amount serves to emphasize the importance of video marketing. However, you can only take full advantage of it if you create and distribute videos in the correct ways.

It would be fantastic to draw inspiration from the product videos of well-known firms if you are new to creating animated product videos.

Here are a few illustrations from Video Jeeves Animated Product Video Maker that will captivate you and provide you with some creative concepts for compelling product videos.

1. Google Pixel 4

The Google Pixel is a feature-rich smartphone with several devices in its series available. The addition of the Pixel 4 to the lineup last year generated buzz.

The bar was raised by the videos animation featured in the Google Pixel 4 product videos. It distinguishes out from the competition thanks to its vivid colors and clear graphics. The movie meets all the requirements to launch the brand-new Google Pixel 4 on the market properly: it is eye-catching, instructive, and engaging. It’s a start that compares to Google’s reputation as a brand.

2. Canon Printers

Printers and other office equipment are, as we all know, the true unsung heroes of the office. Canon is the market leader in this area.

Canon, a world leader in office supplies, regularly updates its product line with high-quality office equipment.

They frequently use the animated product demo to draw in and keep clients. Using 3D animation, Canon once more demonstrates its superiority in the market.

3. Adidas – Run for the Oceans

In addition to being exceptionally stylish and comfortable, Adidas Ultra boost Parley shoes also help the environment. These Adidas shoes are sparing the ocean from receiving 11 plastic bottles each pair. Their advertising effort heavily emphasizes this theme.

Adidas explains the relationship between shoes and plastic bottles using amazing animation, sound, and graphics. The videos offer a pertinent message while concentrating on the setting rather than emphasizing the features.

4. Matrix Care

Matrix Care is a compassionate organization that prioritizes creating a stable patient base. They seek to improve communication between patients and physicians.

This advertisement clearly and creatively conceptualizes their answer. The ad does a fantastic job of conveying the problem and the benefits of choosing it for folks unfamiliar with the company and its products. It’s a great drawing of how to use a simplistic animation to drive awareness.

5. iPhone

There is no need to introduce Apple’s iPhone. It is a fantastic product from a well famous company.

If you pay attention to Apple’s marketing approach, you’ll see that they have chosen the most acceptable plan for introducing and explaining their products.

They just showcased their newest line of smartphones, described in a compelling product demo. Their basic concept for product demo videos, with a primary focus on education and awareness, combines vividness with simplicity to produce a dramatic introduction to the market. Additionally, the in-videos text ensures that clients can read the details and comprehend the item.

6. Pella Lifestyle

Pella, a top US producer of windows and doors, has always excelled in its marketing initiatives. Their lifestyle series received a lot of commercial awareness.

The integration of animated product films made it all possible. By integrating them into animated product videos, they overcame the difficulty of displaying their tangible goods.

7. Zoom

Creators of product videos need to constantly remind themselves that not every film needs to follow a specific format. It’s sometimes all about trying new things and concentrating on the point of access.

Zoom’s new product demo videos is the ideal illustration of effectiveness.

By sending a representative to guide clients through the new features of the videos calling program, the company draws attention to those benefits.

8. Duolingo

The attractiveness of this style can be seriously destroyed by excessive animation. Achieving equilibrium is essential. Duolingo has produced a new movie using 2D animation that sticks to the actual storyline and keeps things simple.

Even though the movie is essential, it does an excellent job of highlighting the benefits and uses of the product. The narrator keeps the videos interesting, while the icons cleverly provide all the information.

9. Nike Joyride

With good cause, Nike is a well-known sneaker brand on a global scale. They are skilled at marketing their goods.

The latest Nike Joyride videos highlights the company’s work to produce a flawless design. Instead of discussing the product itself, the videos outlines how it was made. It instead aims to sell an experience rather than a product. And many businesses do it because it’s a clever strategy for building their brand identity and communicating their beliefs.

There is a reason Nike has maintained its position as the market leader all these years. Because of advertising initiatives like this, videos marketing has taken on a whole new meaning.

The Bottom Line

Give your digital marketing plan the new dimension and edge it needs in 2022 and beyond to stay competitive and efficient. Add animated videos to it.

Utilize eye-catching graphics to explain your items and communicate the principles of your business. Use these films to make better connections with your audience, raise awareness, and increase sales.

You may use animated product films in any step of your marketing funnel. Hire a group of animation professionals today and start moving toward greater scalability.

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