Why America Loves the Humorist – Jeanne Robertson

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Six feet two inches tall, Robertson grasped her audience with her unique sense of humor. Jeanne entertained her viewers with humorous stories based on her real-life experiences. The Christian humorist has the specialty to deliver family-friend entertaining content. She entirely constructed the story in a pleasant situation in front of her viewers. When we take a look at her accomplishments, Jeanne has written books, worked on television, and many stand-up comedy shows.

She also has a YouTube channel, where she is loved by her younger audience and the new generation. She is a well-known and beloved comedian in the USA. The achievements do not stop here; they will be discussed further.

Jeanne’s Relation with Comedy

Jeanne RobertsonIn an interview, she said that she does not consider herself a comedian but a humorist. According to her, there is a difference between humor and comedy. She said that the humor moments always prevail and happen in our daily lives, but we neglect them often instead of noticing and enjoying them. She stated that. Humor is not about telling jokes, but it is the acceptance of things that happen in life and the situations in which the humor factor exists.

Jeanne Swanner Robertson was born on September 21, 1943. She was an American humorist and motivational speaker. Besides that, she was a model, former Miss North Carolina, and a physical education instructor. Jeanne became Miss North Carolina in 1963. She was married to Jerry Robertson and had no kids.

Jeanne was raised in Graham, North Carolina. She is exceptionally long in height among her sisters. At university time, she was a basketball player as well. 

A Beginning of Her Public Speaking Career

Robert started her career teaching physical education in North Carolina, and for almost nine years, she served her job. She began her public speaking career along with her job, and soon, she received enough attention from people as a motivational speaker and humorist.

Comedy channel XM Radios Laugh USA broadcasted her anecdotes; Sirius Radio’s Blue Collar Comedy and Laugh Break are family comedy channels that on-aired her voice. She attained popularity when her humor talk video clips went viral in 2009. Jeanne has some distinctions in her opinion as a comedian; she saw herself as a humorist.

An Award-Winning Humorist

In the year of 1980, the National speaker association certified her as a professional speaker. She served for five years as president of the association. Furthermore, she was an award-winning humorist.

An remarkable event in her life was when she spoke in the white house for the owner of 1300 volunteers who donated time and effort to work at the white home on National Volunteer Week. She graduated from Auburn University, and then she came into a speaking career. She received honor and respect from her audience. She was awarded exceptional awards, which were not received by another woman in the history of the USA. Firstly, she is the first woman who earns Cavvet Award from the National Speaker Association. Then another significant achievement came in her life when she received Toastmasters International’s Golden Gavel Award, which defined her as a professional speaker. The National Speaker Association named her “Master of Influence” in 2012.

Female Stand Up Comedian Jeanne Robertson

Jeanne as a Writer

Jeanne wrote three books on humor in her life and composed eight DVDs and CDs with her lectures. She took comedy and humor in different meanings and defined them differently.

Her books include Humor: The Magic of Genie, Mayberry Humor across the USA, and the last published book, Don’t Let the Funny Stuff Get Away. All the books are filled with reality-based fun stories. In them, she defined her humor philosophy.

Jeanne as a Vlogger

Moreover, the YouTube channel held more than 10 million viewers, and her videos, specifically “Don’t Go to Vegas without a Baptist, Don’t Bungee Jump Naked and Don’t Send a Man to the Grocery Store.” got hit about 18 million in total.

She suffered from severe heart issues and other health problems; after that, she suffered a heart attack and died. Jeanne showcased her art gem exceptionally, and the way of storytelling was notable. Her delightful personality inspired her audience through her sense of humor. Jeanne Robertson was a great motivational speaker and comedian. She was the wealthiest model in Carolina.

Jeanne is well known, even after her death, as a colorful personality due to some causes. The one big reason is that in old age, she did not stop or retire from her career, which people usually do to enjoy remaining life in rest. Secondly, Jeanne successfully utilized social media to interlink with the young generation and a vast audience. She merely used real-life experiences that she transformed into a story to tell the people. She made jokes about her husband that she called him the left brain. Her humor and comedy talks were family-friendly. That means people can enjoy their videos with family. That is the big reason behind her popularity.

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