North West First Rap at her Father Kanye West’s Show in Paris

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Kim Kardashian legally married Kanye West, a musician, and rapper, on 24 May 2014, while she had been dating him since 2012. Kim and her husband, West, have four children. She gave birth to her first baby daughter North West on 15 June 2013. Then, she bore a boy, Saint, on 5 December 2015, and 2 other kids. Kardashian and West traveled to Jerusalem to baptize her first daughter North in Armenian Apostolic Church. Kim claims to be close to religious practices, which is why she also baptized her other children. North’s godmother was considered their family member or aunt, Khloe Kardashian. The wedding was held at the Cathedral of St. James.

Kim faced difficulties during her pregnancy. Kim delivered her first child after 34 weeks because of pre-eclampsia. After her delivery, she suffered from placenta accrete, and due to the problem, she took surgery to remove the placenta.

After her son Saint’s birth, doctors suggested not conceiving again. The last two children were born through surrogacy. Kim and Kanye both give a lavish lifestyle to their offspring.

North West Pranked with her Parents

North Pranked with her Parents

In an interview, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star said that when North became a big sister to little brother Saint, she was not accepting of sharing her mother and father’s love or attention with another. She got jealous and showed anger often. Over time, she altered her behavior toward her brother Saint when he participated with her in a prank over dad and mother.

Kim said that North planned a proper drama to prank Kanye. She took the ketchup, pleaded with me to lie on the bathroom floor, and spread the ketchup over my body. Kim stated firstly; I thought she would say that it hurt you. But I was amazed to know that when she taught Saint to cry for fake and to scream, “Mommy is dead!” after watching me lying on the floor. Kanye ran upstairs, shocked, like, “Kids, this is not funny; the prank is not good.”

Kim and Kanye loved their children equally and gave time even after their busy schedules. After the arrival of Chicago and Psalm, Kim, the Beauty Brand creator, has got a complete family. In another interview, Kim stated that she loves to be a mother, and her family is now perfect, with two girls and two boys.

North West

Kanye shared North’s first image after two months after her birth on the talk show of his mother-in-law. Both famous Kardashian and Yeezus emcee families enjoyed and were excited about their first infamous offspring. The viewers were as well curious to see Kim’s child.

In late October, her beloved and proud mother shared the second photo of baby North. The event was Paris Fashion Week; both husband and wife were present there. The reality star, Kim, shared the second image on Instagram with the caption that she missed waking up with her little angel.

In this picture, North West is with her proud mommy in a neon dress and cute little bag in the same color, and her mother wears pink. Both are in a classy combo of colors. North held a glass, maybe drinking something energetic.

North West Kim Kardashian

In the image, both mother and daughter are showing the same facial expressions. Both wore a similar furry dress in the same black color. The picture describes the love moment and the mother-daughter bond.

Here, a famous little girl from North West waved hello stylishly and modestly. North is a future star; it seems like she knows how to greet audiences and fans like a celebrity to people who are there to capture the moment with cameras in their hands.

It was the first solo shot of North West, Kim and Kanye’s daughter; they were proud at that time. The magazine’s cover page was endorsed with an adorable North fashion shot. North is looking pretty and appealing.

North West With her Loving mom Kim Kardashian

Mini 20 months old North sits at the front row in Alexander Wang’s New York Fashion Week show with her mommy and dad. It seems like baby North is also analyzing the models and clothes. North utilized her mother’s modeling tips and confidently walked on the runway in a surprise fashion show of Pacific Palisades.

Recently, North performed her first rap in her rapper dad’s show. North is an extraordinary child full of confidence and overburdened cuteness. Kim said that we prepared North to perform in the show in the last moments. The audience welcomed the little and confident North West with love and warmth.

North got this confidence level from her mother and father both. In the future, she will be a superstar like her parents. The Kardashian family always remains famous in the media industry. Kim and Kanye are both raising their children with love and care. They both are happy and dedicated to bringing up their children.

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