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Fashion shows are usually understood as events that are put on by prominent fashion designers. The name defines the purpose of the event that it held to showcase the creativity regarding their upcoming line of clothing and accessories. Various major brands invest a considerable sum of money on fashion shows, which act as the first impressions of their newly launched collection.

Paris fashion week is considered a significant week for fashion designers, where all major brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and many others came in the line to show off their updated collections. These designers set the fashion trends, and their pieces of stuff are considered as the symbol of royalty and most updated fashion followers. Brands like Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and the same others are the most desirable and expensive brands on this whole planet. People wait long for their new collections, and their stock is immediately finished after release.

Paris spring fashion show 2019 was the runway where from Dior to Louis Vuitton, all the high-end brands were there with their models. Here, we are going to highlight the standout looks of the season. A new dimension of elegance was set in the year 2019 by the Paris fashion week.

1.  Louis Vuitton’s All-Round Gorgeous Piece

The editor Kat Collings locked their remarks about the Louis Vuitton collection in the Paris fashion show that the collection left a significant impression on her because it was not an accessible collection to define or a person could quickly carry the entire piece on self. It was the magic of the collection that demands a keen fashion sense for wearing the Louis Vuitton. The collection was a mixture of so many aesthetics and influences. The fashion of the 80s decade was also giving its taste in the entire collection.

An influential fashion magazine stated the aim of the 2019 collection of Louise Vuitton was tapping into the individuality of different styles of tribes, which were existed in the pre-social media period.

Chanel masterpiece ideas

2. Chanel’s Master Piece

The managing editor of Who What Wears gave the remarks about the Chanel collection presented in last year’s Paris fashion week that fall 2019 did mark Karl Lagerfeld’s last and final collection for the fashion world, which was so emotional and beautiful. The set where the upcoming line of the collection showed up was the most elaborate yet. The environment which was created was majestic and mesmerizing. Models were walking out in the houndstooth patterned outfits with pearl chain jewelry, and besides that, ski boots and wintry knits were eye-catching. The collection was both iconic and also was matching with the current fashion standards. She also praised designer Lagerfeld, a master in giving a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary vibes.

Versace Women Fashion Shows

What said Anna LapLaca about Versace Collection in Fashion Show?

Anna is an assistant editor in Who What Wear, which is a fashion observer company. The professional fashion staff of the company roams around the fashion shows and states their views regarding the collection exhibiting in the fashion weeks. Now, let’s check out the reviews of Anna about the Versace fashion collection.

She was not expecting that Versace would be her favorite collection of the week. Furthermore, Donatella decided to lead the brand in a refreshing way, which was represented in the pieces of stuff. She likes so much the shift of the brand towards fresh colors. It was also noted that the signature chains and harnesses were still in but were styled with 90s-style slinky cowl necks. The whole collection was dipped with inventive color combinations, and the ideas of clothing were impeccable.

What Presented by Valentino’s Creative Director Picciolo?

Valentino’s director Picciolo is famous for his style of presenting a clothing collections full of elegance. Valentino is a collection for youngers, and now in the year 2019, he again maintained the beauty and elegance of the brand. The brand is famous for giving a cooler and more youthful collection with exciting prints and colors also. The tulle gowns seemed dreamy, and it is hoped that someone for sure will carry on the red carpet events.

This was the review of fashion editor Allyson Payer, who keenly observed the 2019 collection in the Paris fashion week.

The Overcoat as Object of Design - The New York TimesMax Mara Designed His Clothing Line to Empower the Working Women

Max Mara is a chic brand that is the epitome of glamor and elegance. Everything in the collection was inspiring and exciting for fall dressing. The designer Ian Griffiths gave the collection to empower working women. The sharp tailored strong-shoulder silhouettes, which were full of camel hues from head-to-toe, sleek black, and ecru, were other subtle colors in the collection. The coats were delicious but straightforward and majestic. They can easily steal their hearts.

These were the comments of market editor Judith Jones, who belongs to Who What Wear fashion electronic journal.

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