Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing For Social Security Benefits

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If you are disabled and cannot work, getting denied from your social security benefits claims can be much devastating. Many times individuals depend on the SSDI benefits to make ends meet in difficult times.

Many consider filing disability applications for the approval of their claims. However, according to studies, almost 68% of them are denied. The fact is that basic errors in the paperwork are among the top mistakes that first-time claimants can make. In addition to that, if the SSA denies your claims, you’ll get a letter in the mail explaining the cause.

Understanding the reason for getting denied can help you correct any potential mistake that can get your appeal denied. It is known that SSDA can take time to get approved, so why to take a risk when mistakes can be avoided for the first time only.

Here are five mistakes in filing disability application that can be avoided

1. Applying for benefits while you are still working

The first thing the SSA looks at when evaluating the disability claim is whether you are employed. Working part-time or earning meager income doesn’t mean actually that you will be denied your SSDI. However, if you are working for full-time or contract work can deny your claims for disparity insurance.

Of course, there is an exception to every rule. The SSA will consider the work of the individual and the circumstances, but they won’t review your application or medical records if you earn too much money to stabilize your financial situation.

2. Applying for claims without your doctor’s approval

If your condition does not allow you to work for more than 12 months of your disability, you can file the disability claims. Your claims are automatically denied if your medical condition is expected to improve in the given months. However, do consider your doctor’s suggestions towards the matter to make sure you can get the approval for your social security disability claims.

3. Expecting the consultative exam doctor to find evidence to prove your disability

Before making a decision, a claim examiner and your physician consult with each other to discuss your medical condition and improvement. These examiners are highly trained according to the SSA and reports for the final decision of your claim. Of course, the examiner and physicians will consider your doctor’s opinion and observations, but they must also provide additional medical evidence to get the approval of the SSA. Most importantly, your doctor must be able to tell how your condition hinders your ability to work proficiently.

4. Missing visits and appointments

Medical treatment or not, you need to get those prescriptions filled by your consultant. If you receive a consultative exam letter, you must confirm your appointment and be there on time. Cooperation is essential to get approval because failing to do so can get your claim denied. One primary reason for getting the appeal denied is not being able to make it to the appointment or not taking the prescribed medicine or following the doctor’s plan. Your credibility of being disabled hangs on your willingness to do as suggested by a medical professional.

5. Not getting a professional for your claim

As said above, filing for social security disability benefits can be overwhelming due to loads of paperwork. Where you can file your application, but getting professional help can be highly useful to successfully get the approval at the very first stage of filing the claim. They can help you to understand the odds, especially if you cannot afford to wait for the appeal. Remember that an experienced attorney can get your claims approved.

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