How to Find an Advocate for Your Social Security Disability Claim

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Many people feel overwhelmed with the social security disability benefits application process. If you are already a part of various forums and groups on social media, it is likely that you already know about the nightmares of the process of filing for social security disability and how the request got denied. It is true to say that the filing process for social security insurance is frustrating, but bear in mind that they have criteria that you need to be eligible for to make sure you get the social security benefits that you deserve.

It can be said that the outcome of the process of filing for social security disability isn’t always in your favor, but with the right steps, you can have the social security benefits that you deserve. This is where a law representative can help you file the application while giving you a heads up about the progress of the process.

People working with the advocate to get their claim approved are most likely to achieve success. You may have concerns about the fee of the advocate representing your case. However, disability advocates and attorneys aren’t paid until after your application and claims are approved by the social security administration. Usually, a disability lawyer or advocate takes about 25% of your social security payment. Once your claim is approved, you are going to receive the payment for the days since the SSA agreed to your claims and the months you’ve been disabled and could no longer work to earn a living.

With an advocate on your side to represent your case, your chances of getting approval for your claim increase three times than those who have no attorney backing their claim.

When do you really want an attorney?

People often hire a professional attorney before filing for social disability, so they don’t have to suffer from denial. However, many times people wait until they receive a denial before they think of hiring an advocate or attorney to file their claims.

The right time to hire an advocate is when you are working to determine if you qualify for disability benefits. Having a lawyer at your side can help you understand if you are eligible to file a disability claim. The need for an attorney for filing for social security disability lawyers arises when your initial claims for the appeal are denied. At this point, you must look forward to hiring an attorney to represent your case.

Once you have your initial claims denied, you need to go through an appeal process. This is where having a lawyer by your side can help you to achieve the outcome you need. The people with an attorney at their side have better chances of getting the approval of their benefits than those who go forward representing themselves.

What must you remember to hire an attorney?

When hiring a disability attorney or a professional advocate to represent your case, here are a few things that you must remember when hiring an attorney to represent your case.

  1. The location of their office

When hiring an attorney, it is important to ask them about their office to make sure you hire someone who can meet you in person, especially when you appeal the case. While many of the firms out of the state may provide exceptional services, having an attorney in the state can help you with the filing process as well as appear in every court hearing.

  1. They must have their license to practice

Although a non-attorney professional who is knowledgeable about the filing and appeal process can also represent your case, hiring a professional who understands the laws and legalities of the court can do a better job at getting approval for your case.

  1. They must be trained according to disability law

The field of administration is a different field and requires special training to get the approval of the cases. Your attorney must be able to explain the purpose of the claim and work to make sure to get approval for the case.

  1. Their charges for the services

Hiring an attorney doesn’t have to be paid upfront. However, once the appeal is approved, you are likely to pay 25% of the total back pay cost you are accustomed to receiving.

  1. They should arrange a consultative examination with the doctors

Consultative examinations with the doctor can help with the collection of appropriate cases.

  1. How often will they be willing to revise the case with the clients?

In case your claim is denied, you have to file for an appeal where your attorney will be representing your case. They must be willing to revise the case with the clients to make sure that they say the right things when in court.

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