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Family vacations are being planned all throughout the United States, whether they include visiting a well-known landmark or opting instead for a more off-the-beaten-path adventure. This summer will be one for the books for one fortunate family thanks to the Road Trip Ready contest hosted by Advance Auto Parts Battery a prominent automotive aftermarket parts company.

Advance Auto Parts Battery the ultimate prize consists of a Coleman Lantern travel trailer, provided by Camping World, along with a $500 fuel card, a $500 Camping World gift card, and a $500 Advance Auto Parts gift card. The small lightweight trailer has a bed for five people, a kitchenette, and a toilet making it an ideal temporary residence for families often on the go. In addition, the contest’s five first-place finishers will each get a vacation package of their choosing, consisting of three days and two nights’ stay, including transportation costs.

Visiting Road Trip

Winners may choose from a number of well-known vacation spots, including South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach, Florida’s Tampa Bay, North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Puerto Rico, and Texas’s own South Padre Island. Drivers may enter the sweepstakes by visiting Road Trip Ready Sweepstakes, scanning a QR code or visiting any Advance or partner CARQUEST shop in person. Executive of merchandising, marketing and e-commerce at Advance Jason McDonnell believes that road vacations are the ideal chance to build lifelong family experiences. We are excited to honor the lucky winners of our contest and to have families visit Advance Auto Parts Battery while they get their cars ready for an exciting road trip. To ensure that drivers may continue to have faith in their vehicles our staff is prepared to provide the appropriate component and our knowledge of Advance Auto Parts Battery automotive systems.

Offer Discount Codes

If you’ve already visited their site and begun taking advantage of any of the above-mentioned discounts, be sure to save this tab so you can easily return in the future to see if any other offers have been added. See our whole list for further information on how to save money, how to utilize gift cards, and how to maximize credit card bonuses. Advance Auto Parts Coupon that offers the aforementioned prizes, curbside services and products is included in this. Local price differences are possible. Vehicles with more complex electronics and smart-start technology, as well as hybrids with the battery housed in the trunk or under the seat, benefit most from a lithium battery like the Diehard Platinum AGM battery. Diehard lead-acid batteries are more affordable yet they are still a great battery.

Get Free Battery Testing And Installation

Drivers may get free battery testing and installation from Advance as well as free windshield wiper installation. The store also has hundreds of goods from top car brands to assist do-it-yourselfers maintain reliable transportation for their families. A Diehard battery beginning at $119.99, available at Advance Auto Parts Battery can withstand the heat better than any other battery on the market. To maximize your vehicle’s performance, choose one of four unique Frame oil change packages beginning at only $20.99.

Serving Customers in Many Locations

Professional installers and weekend mechanics alike may find what they need at Advance Auto Parts Battery. Advance operated 4,806 stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in addition to 170 World Pac locations. In addition to serving customers in Mexico, Grand Cayman the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and the British Virgin Islands the Company also provides support to 1,277 independently owned CARQUEST branded shops in these regions. Detailed facts about Advance such as job openings services and more.

Choose The Ideal Battery For Your Vehicle

It is not hard to get the finest replacement vehicle battery. Knowing what to look for in a battery and how to pick one within your price range is essential since there are so many options for vehicle batteries on the market. Knowing what to look for in terms of technology and particular attributes like CCA, reserve capacity and minimum and maximum operating temperatures can help you choose the ideal battery for your vehicle. Figure out which battery works best with your car.

Quick And Free Battery Testing And Installation

Automobile battery really needs to be replaced before going on the hunt for a new one. When a battery suddenly stops working it may not be the battery at all but rather a faulty alternator or rust on the battery posts. The use of a charger or portable jump starter may get your car going again if all other possibilities have been ruled out. Visit your neighborhood Advance Auto Parts Battery for quick and free battery testing and installation in the parking lot we can handle anything.

Variations In Automobile Battery Technology

Replacement vehicle batteries often fall into one of two categories the more affordable traditional lead-acid kind or the more advanced and pricey lithium-based variety. Whereas lead-acid batteries lose about 15 amps when being charged, lithium batteries are almost 100 percent efficient in both directions. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle battery and can afford the higher price tag, lithium batteries may be your best choice because of their longer lifetime.

Pick A Car Battery And Brand

A high-quality lithium battery is the way to go if you can afford to spend at least $100 to $150 on a replacement battery for your automobile. It’s also crucial to choose a reliable brand. Look into a few of the market leaders before settling on a final brand. Customers’ feedback on their items. Do they sell batteries with the right CCA rating, size and lifespan at a reasonable price?

Stop by your neighborhood Advance Auto Parts Battery and chat with one of our helpful Team Members to get the details. You can trust them to help you choose a car battery that is both affordable and suitable for your vehicle. Moreover, purchasing tools, components and other products through the Internet has You should opt for a car battery that is long-lasting, consistent, reliable and an excellent fit for your vehicle.

Premium Quality And Affordable Price

Automobiles equipped with Diehard Gold batteries perform at or near the top of their classes. Diehard Gold batteries, which consistently rank high in popularity and reliability surveys, are available at a reasonable price and are backed by a free replacement guarantee that lasts for three years in the case of a battery failure. As an added bonus, they are known for their resistance to cold making them ideal for the winter morning commute.

Battery Maintenance And Replacement Services

Get the help you need with your vehicle at no cost at Advance Auto Parts Battery. We can check the health of your battery, starter, and alternator. We also provide free installation of batteries that are purchased from Advance can go to Advance Auto Parts if you need anything for your automobile you should probably go to your local Advance Auto Parts Battery shop since they will continue to provide numerous specials and fantastic service. Rather of sending your vehicle to a shop or dealership for routine maintenance, you may save money by picking up the necessary tools from a local store.

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