Getting out of the Shopping Addiction: 8 Questions to Ask before Buying Things

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Style is not a thing that can be bought with money. It is likely that a person with credits can walk into the Barneys to shop, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have what it takes to style. On the contrary, only a few understand the true purpose of the style and work accordingly to make every style an iconic piece and trend of the year. It doesn’t need a brand label on it, but simple things can also make an individual a stylish person.

On the contrary, there is a time that comes in every person’s life when the idea of spending on a designer’s piece becomes a must. With many gorgeous bags, stylish shoes, and clothes out there, who would mind spending a little extra cash? Well, you’re likely to say “me”, but to ensure you are spending your hard earned money for the right reasons, there are eight things that you must remember and take into consideration.

To begin with, here are eight questions that you must ask yourself before spending hundreds of dollars on anything expensive.

Question 1: Do I own a similar piece?

First things first, dive deep into your closet to find every piece of clothing and accessories that you own to see if you already have the thing that resembles the pricy addition of it. If the answer is a no, then move on to question 2. However, if the answer is a yes, there is about a little work that you must do. Let’s say that the thing you want to buy is a couple of boots that you want to buy. The question that you must ask yourself is if you already own the boots or if you want to just stick them over in your closet for no reason. Answering the question can help you avoid buying extra things that you may already own.

Question 2: Do I love to shop or are you addicted to the trendy fashion?

This is the big one ladies. The confession and acceptance of your spending habits. Here, we are not going to condemn you for shopping and buying something that you probably don’t need. On the contrary, we will say that when it comes to purchasing an investment piece, whether you need to buy the thing that is fashionable?

For example, you opt for a $3000 Celine bag. Think if you really need to expend that much on a bag that is trendy for only two years. If you really need it, you must opt for handbags for women on sale in Calgary, Alberta, or more. On the other side, if you are investing in buying a car or a new house, it is worth spending money on something as big as buying a car or investing in a house.

Question 3: can the item cause a problem in other monthly payments?

You must make sure to make purchases that don’t stop you from paying back on loans and bills. Your shopping habits must not stop you from lagging behind in other payments that you should make for the current month. If it does, it is a better option to start saving instead of spending much more on Isabel Marant boots.

Question 4: Should the label matter?

As fashion lovers, it is likely that you want to follow the icons and renowned designers. However, if you are simply buying it for the label, it is recommendable to not waste the money on something that isn’t your taste.

Question 5: if it weren’t marketed by influencers would I still want it?

The chances are you might not like to buy anything extremely expensive just because others have it, but sadly, this is the world we live in. do you want to have a Versace bag just because you love the brand so much or just because you want others to know that you own it? If you truly enjoy the worth of something without showing them off is worth spending the money, but if the sole purpose is to show off, then it can be a problem.

Question 6: Will you often use it?

There is nothing wrong with handling yourself every once in a while. However, if you are buying an expensive item just to keep it in your closet, it is worthless to spend your hard-earned money on it.

Question 7: Can I get it for less?

When it comes to expensive purchases, the first thing you must ask is whether or not you can buy them for less or not. For anything that is available online, you can purchase them while spending far less amount.

Question 8: is this a one-season item?

When it comes to fashion, nothing stays forever and ever. There is a high chance for anything that is present this year will not be present next year. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to buy it, but if they are just for the season, it is not worth spending your hard-earned money on it.

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