Best Tips to Thesis Statement Example for an Argumentative Essay

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Usually, the thesis statement comes at the end of the paper’s first paragraph. It summarises the essay, research paper, main point, or claim. It is usually said in one sentence, and the same thing may be said again in another place.

The following is a list of some of the most important components that make up an argumentative essay thesis statement. A thesis that is argumentative is one that can be challenged, that is forceful, that is rational, that is evidence-based, and that is focused. Let’s have a look at these components. Moreover, if you still need to know about writing and marketing techniques, book marketing services USA is whom you need to contact.

Components of the best thesis statement

1. Debatable

A claim must be made in an argumentative essay thesis, and it must be one on which reasonable people may differ. A thesis statement can’t be made from statements of fact or from regions of extensive consensus since there are so few individuals who contrast about these things. Take a look at this example:

“Smoking is disastrous for health”

This is not a theory that can be contested. The majority of individuals are of the opinion that junk food is detrimental to one’s health. Also, what type of junk food are we talking about? Is there a way that this thesis might be phrased in a manner that was a little bit more specific? A contentious essay thesis might be stated as follows:

“The tobacco used in African cigarettes, regardless of the brand, is very hazardous to health and is a major reason for young adult’s death.”

The assertion is debatable enough that reasonable individuals may take either side. This particular version of the essay thesis statement focuses on a particular kind of tobacco used and includes a call to action (federal regulation).

2. Assertive

An essay thesis statement that is argumentative takes a stand and asserts the writer’s viewpoint. Because they do not express the writer’s stance, questions, hazy assertions, and quotes from others do not qualify as an argumentative essay thesis. Look at this to see what I mean:

The federal immigration law presents a challenging problem for citizens of the United States.

Because it does not take a stand on anything, this cannot qualify as an argumentative essay thesis. First, you should pose some questions about the means through which this assertion might be made more explicit. Which statutes exactly? What exactly is the “tough problem,” and how come it’s so challenging? Check out this updated version, would you?

Because it places unreasonable budgetary limits on state and local government agencies, the immigration legislation that is enforced at the federal level has to be revised.

Because it takes the stance that the laws governing immigration enforcement ought to be altered, this statement qualifies as an argumentative thesis. The writer is placed in a position to investigate further because of the “undue financial limitations.”

3. Reasonable

In order to be considered argumentative, a thesis must make a claim that can be supported by logic and evidence. Theses that make assertions that are laughable or unrealistic do not qualify as argumentative. Take a look at this:

Members of the city council are dishonest and should be sent to prison for their actions.

This is not a thesis that supports an argument. Even if a member of the city council is incompetent at their job, it should not be grounds for sending them to prison unless they have breached the law. A fruitful line of inquiry would be to inquire as to the reasons for their dishonesty. What steps can they take to make progress?

It is not appropriate for members of the city council to be eligible for monetary contributions from community business titans.

This is a thesis that may be debated due to the fact that it is feasible and logically sounds to establish ethical norms for corporate executives.

4. Evidence-Based

A thesis statement in an argumentative essay has to be able to be backed up by evidence. Claims that presume certain value systems, morality, or religious beliefs cannot be backed up with evidence and are not argumentative essay thesis as a result. Take a look at this example:

People who have been found guilty of murder have done a terrible sin, and they do not deserve any further financing for penal facilities.

Because its support is based on religious ideas or ideals rather than facts, this thesis cannot be considered an argumentative one. Let’s go a step further and investigate the particular issues that you, as a writer, have the ability to solve and the reasons why doing so is significant to your argument. Take a peek at this new version, shall we?

There is a correlation between funding rehabilitation programs for those serving life sentences and a reduction in the amount of violence that occurs inside prisons.

This is an example of an argumentative essay thesis since supporting evidence may be presented in the form of case studies and statistics. The topic at hand is a little bit more particular (those currently serving life sentences), and the assertion may be backed up with research (programs that reduce violence within prisons).

5. Focused

A thesis for an argumentative paper has to be concentrated and specific. A specific and concentrated assertion is easier to understand, is better equipped to be backed with facts, and is more convincing than a wide and comprehensive claim. Take a look at this example:

The tax code in the U needs a revision from the federal government.

Because it is so broad (which branch of the government?), this cannot function as an effective persuasive proposition. Which tax codes do you mean? Which parts of those tax laws, specifically? This is more of a book-length endeavor, and in order to adequately support it, there would need to be an astounding quantity of data presented. Let’s have a look at a change that was made:

The income that is brought in by the federal estate tax is so little that the Home of Representatives of the United States of America ought to vote to get rid of it.

This is an effective argumentative essay thesis because it defines a particular actor and action, and it can be completely supported by facts concerning the amount of income that is generated by the estate tax. In other words, it is precise enough to be effective. You may build a more focused thesis statement by beginning with a topic that is overly wide and then asking questions to narrow it down.

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