Life Time Achievements of Katharine Hepburn


Katharine Houghton Hepburn is her full name. She was born on 12 May 1907 in Hartford, USA, and died on 29 June 2003 in Fenwick. She is buried in her birthplace Hartford. She was an American actress and a legendary personality in Hollywood.

She spent her sixty years of lifespan in show business. She studied from Bryn Mawr College. She entered show business in 1928 and left in 1994. She was married to Ludlow Ogden Smith in 1928, but the relationship could not survive, and they divorced each other in 1934.

Hepburn’s Childhood

Hepburn was the daughter of a rich and wealthy surgeon of Connecticut, and her mother was active in social work. She was the leader of the women’s suffrage campaign. Hepburn raised in the atmosphere, where she has to be perfect in physical appearance and have to utilize the intellectual thoughts to present. Her parents encouraged her always to speak the truth and behave like a brave girl. Hepburn brings all the qualities and values taught by her parents in show business. She was a prominent actress in the film industry.

In childhood, she was a naughty girl. In an interview, she said that, at the age of nine, she shaved her head and wore her brother’s cloth, she wished to be a boy because boys enjoy a lot and do fun more instead of girls. In a personal biographical interview with Charlotte Chandler, she further continued that she likes Jimmy’s name and said that I wished that people called me jimmy if I could be a boy.

American Actress Katharine Hepburn

A Beginning of her Career

Her career began on the silver screen when she completed her graduation from Bryn Mawr College in the year 1928. “Night Hostess” was her Broadway debut, released in 1928. Hepburn got remarkable recognition after playing a role in her Broadway, “The Warrior’s Husband,” in 1932. She played a role in a comedy serials as well. After that, RKO Radio Pictures invited her to Hollywood.

The producer George Cukor, firstly, starred her in the silver screenplay “A Bill of Divorcement.” In another interview, a strange fact we got is that Hepburn found difficulties or hesitation to capture the love scenes, and she taught much before recording the scenes.

American Actress Katharine Houghton Hepburn

Exceptional Nature of Hepburn

Hepburn possessed a unique sense of fashion, even though the period was tough and did not allow much liberation for women to follow style. Hepburn had a great speech instinct, and a firm holds on manners. She was outspoken in nature and blunt, that is why she faced enough criticism along with appreciation. When the Hollywood actresses stayed in glamour for 24 hours, she wore casual dresses for events. She was different from other Hollywood female stars. She refused to record interviews; in other words, she did whatever that pleased her.

In 1933, she signed a role for the movie Morning Glory, this character and performance, she earned an Academy Award. She returned to Broadway and appeared in the film The Lake, which was a big flop. After that, Little Women and Alice Adams (1935), emerged on the silver screen.

On other projects, she worked such as “A Woman Rebels” in the year 1935 and then “Quality Street” in the immediate next year appeared on the cinema screens, which was enjoyed by people a lot. That time, Hepburn succeeded in recovering her ground in the film industry, and then, her epic comedy movie came in 1938 with the name of Bringing Up Baby.

Actress Katharine Houghton Hepburn

A big hit comedy film, “The Philadelphia Story,” came in 1938, which widened her Career in the film industry. The role was about a woman whose ex-husband wants her to bring back in his life, and he was struggling for this. After then, another significant achievement came in her career, when she starred in “Cukor and Grant.” The film was a commercial success at that time and was a long jump in Hollywood. For some time, she worked for the stage, but she opted to be with acting in films for her remaining life.

The African Queen was her cinematic accomplishment; her role was about a missionary who helps to escape German troops. After such a significant role, she starred in a love story produced by David Lean and Humphrey Bogart. The film title was “Summertime,” released in 1955. Her role was exceptional in “Long Day’s Journey into Night,” released in 1962. Her character was a drug-addicted mother, which suffered from various consequences.

Let’s talk about her Award-winning films. Hepburn won her second Academy Award for the role in the movie, which title was “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” The movie was released on the silver screen in the year 1965. The third Academy Award she received for her performance in “The Lion in Winter” in the year 1968.

She won an Oscar as well for the film “On Golden Pond,” and surprisingly, she was nominated for the 12th time for Academy Award, which set a record, but later on, the record was broken by Meryl Streep.

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