Spouts eBooks – An Inspiring Story about a Baby Whale

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Eden Bancroft is a production house that presents inspiring stories for children. They entertain, inform, and inspire kids through their books. They have a good collection of motivational books. One of their books by the name of Spouts: the whale who saved Christmas, gained huge attention from young readers. It was written by an experienced author who has lived 30 years of his life across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The author is none other than Captain Philip Howe. His life achievements are well known and have been published in various publications and even sail magazine. The author has lived an adventurous life and has now dedicated his life goals to writing inspirational stories for children. 

Who is Spouts: the whale who saved Christmas?

Spouts is a whale that is born with an unusual and extraordinary gift. He has discovered that he is different from other baby whales. His mother, Solay, encourages the baby whale to do well with this gift he has been blessed with. The story has other characters; the main character is Spouts. Then comes the mother whale Solay, Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus, the north pole crew, pirates, and the Hulo bear island. This story about Spouts eBooks is available in various entertaining formats, and children can enjoy it in paperback. Audiobook or E-book format.

The Author – Captain Philip Howe

The author is Captain Philip Howe, who needs a special introduction. He is not a fantasy writer, but his stories are based on real-life experiences and adventures, which he has done in his life. He has lived 30 years of his life in the open oceans across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. He is also an authorized United Coast Guard Captain and lives a marvelous life in Sausalito, California. He has various inspirational adventures published in SAIL magazine, Latitude 38, and other famous publications. His famous Spouts eBook is eye-catching and has gained fame based on a baby whale born and blessed with an unusual gift. The story is beautiful and inspirational for children. The author focuses on writing inspiring stories for kids, which could provide them with a happy time reading them.

 The Inspiring Story

This story is inspirational for kids as our children overreact by experiencing unusual things or seeing different people around them. This story is focused on providing pleasure, amusement, inspiration, and a good message at the end. Many parents cannot explain to their kids why things are different or why every child is different. Some children are born with special abilities, while others are different. It does not mean they are not ordinary; we need to teach our children to see them from our own eyes. This is why spouts have gathered fame, as the baby whale is born with an unusual gift and is different from all the other baby whales.

The whales first react weirdly towards spouts, but he achieves something really big, which leaves everyone stunned and in awe. The story has some interesting characters other than the baby whale spouts and his mother, Solay. There is music, entertainment, and Hulo bears. It is a combination of information with fun. The story has made a lasting impression on young readers, who adore it. After reading this story, your children can get the message hidden in the story that being different is normal. We should help others even if they don’t accept our specialty. 

This storybook has been published in various formats for the ease of children. It’s available in paperback, audio-book, and E-book format. It can be easily purchased from the website.

The Hulo Bear Island

In this story, there is a Hulo Bear Island where Santa and Mrs. Claus are going along with their entire north pole crew, and Solay, the mother whale who is about to give birth to a beautiful baby whale, is carrying them on her back. You must be wondering why the North Pole crew isn’t flying. It is because they can only fly once a year in the event of Christmas. This is a pre-vacation that the North Pole crew has taken before delivering gifts to the children. The Hulo bears are shown waiting for their guest. There is music, dance, and food on the island. Children would be amused and entertained to see such beautiful scenes. 


Let your children enjoy fantasy and inspiration in a powerful story which will have a lasting impression on your child. This inspirational story has a strong message hidden in it, which would let your children behave well in the future. Also, it is a good piece of entertainment. Kids adore the entire world, and this is the most demanded storybook.

Author Bio

Susan Penson is a great writer and a passionate illustrator, and she is highly appreciated for her work at Eden-Bancrofts. She works on her children’s books and ensures that the little minds can receive her message through the stories. She is a graduate of design from the University of Georgia. She also loves to cook and read fiction.

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