How Religious Festival Christmas Influence the Different Regions

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Culture is a unique collection of ideas, customs, traditions, and behaviors of people living in a particular area of society. It is designed collectively by human intellect and creativity. Every region has its own culture and heritage, and they feel proud to practice them. In this write-up, you will learn some strange and fun facts about the cultures of famous regions like America, Canada, England, and Australia. So, let’s start with the Christmas festivities celebrated by millions of people who belong to Christianity. The Christian community believes that on the day Jesus Christ was born by her mother, Mariam. Every country has developed its Christmas traditions, some of which have significantly altered over time.

American Christmas Traditions

Americans’ Christmas Traditions 

The two dynamic countries celebrate the Christmas festivities full of enthusiasm. People of the UK and America decorate the streets, cities, malls, and colonies with twinkling Christmas lights and Christmas trees with small lights and little gifts. The gift-giving session, family feasts, and caroling are the aspects that families enjoy together. Today’s America celebrates the blend of catholic, protestant, and secular customs on Christmas day. Exceptional food is prepared for the whole family. The popular menu is roasted ham and turkey, cooked for Christmas throughout the country. But some areas are festive- special food is different from mainland America such as tamales, crawfish jambalaya, roast goose with red cabbage, roast pork, and seven fishes seafood salad is famous.

South Americans Are More Attached To Their Catholic Christmas Festivities

South Americans Are More Attached To Their Catholic Christmas Festivities

In South America, cultures are gathered from the entire world. South America’s people are closer to their catholic religion and traditional sentiments. They celebrate Christmas every year on 25 December. They are attached to their aged-old traditions if you notice them genuinely. The houses are decorated with sprinkled snowflakes and twinkling lights. The Southwest, brown paper-made bags luminous lanterns are filled with sand and lit with a candle.

How Does Britain Celebrate Christmas

How Does Britain Celebrate Christmas

Every year Christmas came in England’s foggy, cold, and wet season, but the harsh winters did not bother the people of England. Families celebrate together and welcome with cheer and warmth the festive with the Yule log. People start decorating the house before Christmas day with holly, ivy, and evergreens. They greet Christmas Eve by hanging a mistletoe, “kissing bough.” In Britain, Queen’s massage is also essential to the UK’s Christmas tradition.

The Carolers went house to house with ringing handbells and sang Christmas songs like “The Holly and the Ivy,” In response, people gave those sweet pies filled with dried fruits and nuts. It all happened during the holidays before Christmas. Usually, families in England remain busy until the day before Christmas. They wrap the gifts and bake the cookies, and the most critical festive is hanging the stockings on the fireplace. Then people gather around the tree, and then someone narrates their favorite story, “A Christmas Carol.”  

Canada Christmas Eve Festivities

Canada’s Christmas Eve Festivities 

Canada is where people live with their different backgrounds and practice them in their own way. Often traditions came from Irish, English, French, Scottish, Norwegian, German, and Ukraine. First nations influence the whole culture. Canadians love to decorate their houses and workplaces with decorative trees. They share Christmas cards with friends and family members. Gifts are given to each other, elders, younger, and children also. Some people open their presents on Christmas eve, while others only open one present and save the rest for opening on Christmas day. The Canadians believe in Santa Claus, and they proudly say that Canada is the home place of Santa Clause. A surprising fact is that every Christmas, Toronto holds a massive Santa parade, which is the largest one, started in 1913 and still going on. Delicious sweet dishes and meals are prepared for this special event, and everyone greets each other.

Land Down Under Australia Welcomes the Christmas in summers

Land Down Under Australia Welcomes the Christmas in summers

Australia is the biggest island-based area and the smallest continent of the world, where a large number of people emigrate from Ireland and England. They also bring their Christmas customs and traditions. In the land down under Australia, people here celebrate Christmas on 25 December in the summer season as it is opposite to the Americans. The people of Australia are very enthusiastic and love to do outdoor activities. They called the event Carols by Candlelight, and all the people came together to light the candles and sing Christmas songs under the dark sky and shining stars. Australian families like swimming, riding bicycles, surfing, and sailing. Together they cook meals like barbecues outdoors, and they are called “Barbie.” Families use palm leaves, ferns, and evergreens with multi-color Christmas bellflowers to decorate their homes.

All the traditional festivities are admirable because they bring families to celebrate such festivals together, which enhances the sentiments of sharing and caring.

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