5 Best Cybersecurity Applications in 2022

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Today’s hackers are always coming up with new ways to compromise computer systems, so no computer system or network is safe, no matter how sophisticated or secure. Therefore, cybersecurity applications are necessary to protect these networks from cybercrime and malicious attacks.

Cybersecurity applications may either help proactively or reactively, meaning they can assist in analyzing landscapes to lessen cyber threats or better manage the risks once they develop as a vulnerability. And typically, most businesses use both types to achieve a wide stance in security.

Learning about cybersecurity can be overwhelming for small businesses and startups, especially with a limited budget and resources. But to help you get started, we listed below the five best cybersecurity applications in 2022.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is using technology and controls to defend connected computers, networks, and devices from various cyberattacks or hacks carried out by hackers.

Cybersecurity awareness is one of the top concerns for corporate leaders in the current business climate. Successful online attacks or hacks may lead to losing important data, interrupting corporate operations, and erosion of client loyalty. That may inflict major corporations or any other type of organization irreparable harm.

There are five categories of cybersecurity: critical infrastructure security, application security, network security, cloud security, and internet of things security. Making appointments through your smartphone or other devices, carrying out duties, and maintaining a social calendar are increasingly simple processes. However, data availability also makes attacks from malicious actors far more dangerous. That’s why every business’ data protection strategies must include cybersecurity measures.

5 Best Cybersecurity Applications in 2022

Cybersecurity applications keep an eye on the IT environment and disclose any security flaws or vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit.

Additionally, they guard against illegal access to sensitive corporate data and alert authorities to any suspicious activity on the backend infrastructure. Businesses can also use cybersecurity solutions to set up secure firewall protection to block unwanted requests and secure the entire network, stopping cyberattacks.

Thanks to the variety of cyberattacks, numerous cybersecurity applications are available. Here are the best ones as of 2022:


Bitdefender is a cybersecurity company established in Romania in 2001. Its GravityZone Advanced Business Security software offers a thorough defense for IT infrastructure. Its key features include scaling up after deploying several product modules or standalone solutions depending on your infrastructure requirements. Additionally, it connects with several cybersecurity technologies offered by Bitdefender and other vendors.

Bitdefender offers superior support alternatives in addition to robust managed service capabilities. All endpoint variations, diverse network protocols, and multi-layered environments are compatible.

Due to its low capital expenditure (CapEx), this solution is perfect for small-to-mid-sized organizations beginning their cybersecurity journey. However, customers have noted that the user interface could be more challenging and complicated, especially if you seek analytics.


Wireshark is a console-based tool for researching network protocols and is employed to assess network security instantly. To evaluate the presence of risks, Wireshark analyzes system procedures and sniffs the network in real time. It is a valuable tool for looking at every aspect of network traffic at various levels. Security professionals use Wireshark to examine the properties that different data packets exhibit.

Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is a cybersecurity application that reveals Windows operating system vulnerabilities. It enables security experts to find weaknesses in password security. It is also a tool for recovering passwords and features the ability to record VoIP conversations. Cain and Abel can also decide if they can negotiate data packets by optimizing the routing protocols.

Additionally, it employs brute force attacks to decrypt encrypted passwords and reveals cached passwords and password boxes. The program is quite effective at cryptanalysis and cracks twisted passwords.

IBM QRadar

With an open, data-driven design, IBM QRadar is a threat detection and response tool that offers robust analytics and automation capabilities. Open standards are intentionally used to facilitate integrations and prevent vendor lock-in. Additionally, you can implement QRadar XDR Connect, QRadar SIEM, QRadar NDR, etc., when your business’s needs change to meet them.

IBM QRadar was developed to build a linked cybersecurity workflow using AI-based analytics and intelligent automation. It has a reputation for excellence in managed services and consulting and an open architecture for out-of-the-box compatibility.

Businesses producing significant amounts of security data can rely on IBM QRadar to improve their proactive defense capabilities. Although customers may need help discerning a big-picture from the individual event information due to the complexity of the system’s numerous protocols and policies and the challenges customers face in configuring them.


Aircrack-ng consists of services that research the Wi-Fi network’s vulnerabilities. Specialists use it to deliver data packets through a network for continuous inspection. The tool includes features for text file transfer of recorded data packets for additional security analysis. Additionally, it enables capture and injection, which are essential for evaluating network card performance. Aircrack-ng cracks WPA-PSK and WEP keys to determine whether they are reliable and have the necessary strength.

Bottom Line

Cybersecurity will be a significant concern for everyone in 2022 and beyond. With all the new emerging risks, staying safe and secure is challenging. The cybersecurity tools mentioned above will be handy for fraud detection and other harmful threats caused by malicious actors.

These cybersecurity applications give first attention to security to allow organizations to operate more successfully. They are equipped with exceptional abilities and are simple to use, which is advantageous for enterprises on all fronts.

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