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The trend of DJs started in 1947 when the first DJ “Jimmy Savile” claimed as a DJ of the music industry. He introduced the first dance music at a party, where he played jazz records, and soon he became a radio DJ. Radio DJs, club DJs are the most familiar type of DJs who compose recorded music with a mixture of recent music tunes. These recorded players are usually turntables that operate the music on phonograph records. The DJ title is often used with their real names, approved ones, or adopted ones.

DJs use two sorts of sources of recorded music to mix them and to compose new and unique mixtape music.

Here we will discuss the five most famous and top-ranked DJs of 2019. We have enlisted “Martin Garrix” and “Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike,” “David Guetta,” “Armin Van Buuren,” and “Marshmello” to give a debut and appreciation to their work.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – 1st in Ranking

Their motto is that they don’t like to pin themselves on one style and play for the crowd. Their real names are Dimitri and Micheal Thivaios, but they are famous for their DJ’s names. The couple contested with Martin Garrix and deposed him from 1st position in DJs in 2015, and now once again, the crown has remained on their heads of the 1st ranked DJs.

Both brothers are exceptional in their way. 2019 is again their successful year and decided to favour them. Their mixture of typical or unique EDM, trap, and many other genres had received much appreciation and popularity all around the globe. They represent South American music in a distinctive way that influences many music lovers.

Best Most Dj Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix – 2nd in Ranking

The style of music representation is electronic and pop. His popular creativity is “Summer Days,” “in the Time of Love,” and “Ocean.” He is an impactable DJ who was selected for the 1st position three times, respectively.

Martin Garrix appears quickly in the top list of DJs. At the age of 20, he was selected as no.1 in the DJs poll in 2016. In 2014 he was on NO. 4 in the DJs list, and he maintained the same ranking in 2017 and 2018. In the closing of 2018, Martin Garrix jumped a long distance of success to reach the position of NO.1 among the top DJs. But now, after the arrival of Dimitri & Like Mike, the position has been retained by them.

2019 was not bad enough for him. The “No Sleep” has run for about nine million on YouTube. He brings out some time from his busy or hectic schedule for the young people and children in SOS children’s village, where he played his music for an hour, and the excited crowd was there to celebrate his performance.

The Most Popular David Guetta

David Guetta – 3rd in Ranking

His style is “Quality emotional and epic melodic music.” He is known for “Rocking the crowd since the 80s”. David Guetta’s music is specifically to entertain the dancers, and he is one of the best dance-music composers on the whole planet. The year 2010 was full of his dance-pop music and success stories. He collaborated with pop nobles like Rihanna and Justin Bieber. Every major music festival enriched with his performance that year.

Recently, he is majorly emphasizing his DJ sets and new projects he wants to initiate, instead of less focusing on commercial collaborations. In 2018 “Jack Back” was the way that led him to return to its roots when David Guetta realized its end with commercial collaborations. In 2019, he again turned to collaborations with a whole new pick and style.

Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren – 4th in Ranking

His style is “Trance” and is best known for his “A state of trance.” His tune of the year is “Lighter than Air.” He is a Dutch Dj, recorder, and producer. “A State of Trance” was hosted by him back in 2001. It was a radio show broadcasted weekly, and the listeners extended over about 84 countries, who have listened to his show on FM 100. The radio show compels him to enter in producing trance music. He is also known as “Rising Star.” His main genres were uplifting trance, electro house, dance-pop, psytrance, and progressive trance. He started his journey in 1996 and is still active in the field.

American DJ Marshmello

Marshmello – 5th in Ranking

The real name is Christopher Comstock, professionally known as “Marshmello,” which belongs to America. He is a producer of electronic music, remixer, and DJ. He got recognition throughout the World for his work of mixing sounds of American DJ duo Jack U and DJ Zedd. Silence, Wolves, Friends, and Happier are all his hit list that played across many countries and is appreciated by millions of people, which help to get a remarkable place in the DJs Industry. He is also known as “Dotcom.” His genres are “Future bounce, electronic, future bass, trap, and progressive house. He started his career in 2015 and is still working and producing music.

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