Robert Downey Jr – The Highest Paid American Actor in the Hollywood Film Industry


Full name is Robert John Downey Jr., an American actor, singer, and producer. Downey is one of the most highly paid and rich actors in the show business. Famous blockbuster superhero movies such as Iron Man and The Avengers are his hit films. In both films, Robert portrays the role of Iron man. He signed the role in the year 2019. But his entire career is not full of success stories. In his professional career in the show biz, he faced rejections and was not being hired due to his frequent drug usage and drinking addictions, and in his lifespan, he has also gone to prison for misuse of drugs.

Drugs and Robert

Robert has a family background who had worked in show business alongside drug addiction prevail in the Downey family as well. The father-son relationship was based on sharing drugs and substances. Robert’s father allowed him to take medications for the first time at the age of six. The allowance of drinking from his father turned him drug-addicted.

American Actor Robert Downey, Jr.

The Hollywood Back through

Although Robert was addicted to alcohol or drugs, somehow, he became successful in attaining a reputable position in the Hollywood film industry. He came as a young actor in a decade of the 80s. His performance in “Saturday Night Live” helps him to extend the area for his re-entrance in the show business. After that, he got more projects to work on. “Weird Science” and “The Pick-Up Artist” were his popular movies in the year 1987.

A novel-based movie “Less Than Zero,” which was a memoir, is filled with his excellent acting skills. In the film Less Than Zero, he played the role of a wealthy upper-class kid who accidentally got stuck in drug addiction. Robert portrayed the role of a drug-addicted kid amazingly.

At that, the statement was viral in the film industry that, despite drug addiction and habitually taking drugs, Downey Jr. succeeded in making a name for him in the 1980s.

The most excellent performance given by Downey Jr. in 1992 was a biopic, in which he played the role of Chaplin. His performance in the biopic led the way in the Academy Award, where he was nominated for his character. In these years, his career was boosting and uplifting, but suddenly, a tragedy encountered him, when in 1996, he got arrest due to the possession of cocaine and heroin.

According to the New York Times report, Downey was arrested multiple times in his lifespan for keeping drugs, and the offense delivered a cycle of arresting or releasing.

Although he gave exceptional performances in movies, Downey faced hardships many times in his career and life as well. The difficulties were only due to his continuous drug addiction. Some incidents were major like, once he was sentenced to three-year prison but came out after one year of a prison sentence. In 2001, in Culver City, Downey was found barefoot roaming; he was again arrested due to the suspicion of being drug intake condition. After this incident, he lost his role in the TV series “Ally McBeal,” besides that he also suffered for not getting new projects. The court decided that instead of sending them to prison, Downey got an order to admit to the rehab center for treatment.

Robert Downey Jr Dolittle

A Turning Point in his Life

The turning point came in his life when he quit drugs in the year 2003 on the ultimatum of his wife. It has been stated that Downey left the drugs with the help of medications, Yoga, meditations, and therapies he attained.

The breakthrough came in his career in 2003, and he took a role in “The Singing Detective.” After that, Downey worked rapidly and emerged again on the box-office screen. He made enough useful lists of exceptional movies such as Gothika, A Scanner Darkly, Bang Bang, Kiss and Zodiac, and Kiss. We can see more work and films of Downey Jr. Now.

Downey’s selection in the Marvel series made him the most popular and most watched star in the film industry. In 2008, he starred in the summer blockbuster superhero movie “Iron Man,” and the Oscar-nominated “Tropic Thunder.” 

In 2012, he starred in “The Avengers,” and now “Tony” is an essential character in all Marvel series where Iron Man has to present.

Additionally, Downey has been cast in Sherlock Holmes movies, and these roles further attached flying fins to his career.

 Downey possesses a strange catastrophe, once the toxic Downey was unable and rejected to hire, and now he is one of the most paid actors in the Hollywood show business. Today’s Downey is more charming and impressive in personality, and the intelligence we have seen in the Marvel series, has achieved love and appreciation throughout the world. The marvel series and the Iron Man character played by him are acknowledged in the world as a whole. Iron Man movie considers as the most-watched movie, which is translated into various languages to entertain the viewers in the whole world.

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