Things You Must Understand When Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

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Hiring an attorney when filing an appeal to achieve social security disability benefits can be daunting. While it can improve the chances of having successful outcomes, it can also have devastating effects if not done right.

When hiring a social security disability attorney, it is important to know their experience and their will to do the best for you. Most attorneys providing SSDI services don’t like to charge at the initial stage of the process. However, when it comes to hiring an attorney, make sure that you ask the right questions to the attorney to understand their state of work and determine if they are the one to hire. Whether it is a firm such as Defenders for you or an individual attorney working on filing a social security benefits case, asking the right questions can help you determine the right option.

No matter if you found their contact information from a TV advertisement or a friend, it is important to know that you not only require their services; they also need you to get into the market.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important questions you must ask your lawyer in the hiring process.

1. Where is your office located?

It is important to know the location of the attorney. Many times the attorneys are not in the same place as you, and it gets impossible to meet in person, which can also affect the results of the approval of the case. This is why it is important to ask the attorney about their firm location to make sure you can have a meeting in person.

2. Do they have a license for their practice?

When it comes to filing an appeal for social security benefits, a non-attorney representative can also represent the claimant’s case. However, there are many benefits when you are an attorney representing your case in court. A licensed lawyer is more experienced and knowledgeable about the social and administrative law which governs the social security regulations.

3. Do they have the training required for representing a case?

The field of administrating law and disability law is a special field that requires training practice to be able to manage a case. If they have the knowledge, they can be able to represent effectively.

4. What is the cost of their services?

It is important to remember that there is no up-front cost to the disability attorney. The advocates usually charge for the approval of the case. They take about 25% of the disability benefits. However, if the case is denied, they proceed with appealing at the court and make sure to get the approval they need. Make sure that your attorney is willing to tell you their fee structure.

5. Do they arrange for an examination with the doctors?

Consultative examinations are a part of the approval of the appeal at the court. However, it is important to understand if the attorney is willing to arrange a doctor’s consultation to make sure there is evidence of your disability in court.

6. How often do they arrange a meeting with the client?

In case your case is denied, it can take a year or more to get your appeal approved by the court. The same goes for the hearing at the administrative law magistrate. During this time of the process, you must make sure that your attorney is willing to discuss all the important details and practice the hearing so there is no mistake on the day of the hearing.

7. Make sure that they meet before the hearing at the court

Your attorney should be willing to meet you before the meeting to make sure you are prepared to get your case approved in court.

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