Ronaldo Sr Has Set Tough Records for Ronaldo Jr

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Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for his athletic skills and is the most popular footballer. Famous football star Ronaldo announced on 4 July 2010 on Facebook and Twitter that he had a baby boy. The boy was born in the USA on 17 June 2010. The baby boy was born in San Diego, California, USA when a surrogate mother reported that the baby boy’s father is Ronaldo. The baby boy was immediately shifted to Ronaldo in Spain to spend his life with his father.

The baby boy named Jr Ronaldo means Junior Ronaldo, and Christiano’s family gave him the nickname Cristianinho, which means “little Cristiano.”

Jr seems like he got talent and athletic skills to inherit from his father. He is already showing off sports skills in his summer vacations in a break; maybe that is why family says him little Cristiano. Jr Ronaldo’s mother’s identity is unknown, but senior Ronaldo has full transfer custody to himself. Senior Ranaldo says that he will tell the truth about Js.’s mother to him when he will reach the age of understanding. Sr. Ronaldo says that I cannot hide the truth about her mother because he has the right to know it. I will tell him not because people want me to do this, but Jr. entitles the right.

Jr. Ronaldo engages in modelling with his father or sole shoots. Recently, he worked with his father on a modelling project CR7 denim range in December of 2017.

Football Talent Cristiano Ronaldo Jr

A Young Javusten 9s Football Player

Nine-year-olds Jr Ronaldo is playing for Juventus under-9s squad, and he is performing very well like his father. He was representing it from when his father moved to Turin for the Club’s academy. The records say that Jr. Ronaldo has succeeded in completing the 58 goals in 28 matches for the Juventus youth team, and alongside, he has set up a total of 18 goals this year, which is quite the same as his father.

He is now a Juventus under 9s player and a famous football star like his dad. He is one of the top goal scorers in the Juventus youth teams. Both father and son are linked to the Juventus academy and both players are performing their best for the Italian Club.

Jr. Ronaldo started to show off his heritage skills in soccer on media first; then, he joined a small club, namely, Club de Futbol Pozuelo de Alarcon in Madrid, Spain. Over time and under expert training for football by his father, make him able to play well in his league. Father and son’s bond is quite interesting. Jr. Ronaldo often attends award ceremonies with his father; even Cristiano Ronaldo posted a picture on Instagram, where Jr. Ronaldo received two trophies of his father on his behalf of him. On social media, father and son can be seen in videos and pictures while doing fun or exercises mutually.

Cristiano Jr the Son of Famous Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

Father and Son in the Same Ground

Jr. Ronaldo is under the constant attention of media from the infant, not because he is a son of a famous father, but the Jr. Ronaldo is also able to gain attention due to his skills in football. He firstly got massive attention from media and football academies when in April 2017, his father uploaded a video on Instagram, in the video he can be seen lining up to take a free-kick same as his father’s pose and score an outstanding goal.

A couple of weeks before his seventh birthday in June 2017, a video went viral, and that attained worldwide attention, in which he is showing off his skills with the ball in an impact smart way.

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior shows off his skills in the ground

A Controversy for Jr. Ronaldo

Jr. Ronaldo’s mother’s identity is also controversial; as a result, the kid took attention from the world a lot. The initial speculation was that the mother of a kid is Irina Shayk, once a footballer dated her, but it was proved wrong. Until now, Cristiano Ronaldo did not reveal the identity of his mother to media resources. It is only said that the football star was with a girl on a one-night stand in America; the girl realized after that she is pregnant, she contacted Ronaldo via his manager and asked to do a DNA test. The DNA reports prove positive. Abortion was not an option because the girl was catholic in a religious sect. The baby boy was born and sent to his father’s way. Ronaldo has attained full custody of his elder son Jr. Ronaldo and paid his mother 10 million pounds to keep the identity secret and never to contact again to him. That is quite controversial.

According to the sources, Jr. Ronaldo is happily living and enjoying his life with his father, his girlfriend, and other siblings. Now the family has become six in members after the arrival of two twins. Jr. Ronaldo desires to have six siblings to match his father’s C7R brand. Jr. Ronaldo is a future football star and will show his skills and the inherited ones by his father.

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