AI and Web Design: The Betrothal of the Modern Age

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Web Design

Artificial intelligence is one of the greatest inventions in the digital world. It has proven its value with the elimination of repetitive tasks and improving the efficiency of the work. The success of any industry today is reliant on faster, accurate, and affordable means of doing business. Nowadays AI has also engaged with web design in the digital world.

Since AI is becoming prominent in large areas and industries, including medical, entertainment, and more, web design and development is no exception. Traditionally, where websites were designed using HTML, web coding has developed to be more sophisticated, and sites are becoming more visually appealing than before.

Today viewers are looking for personalization and something easy to understand. Every business personnel requires a secure, scalable, and feature-packed web design to establish and refine the user experience. With that said, web designers and developers need to come with out-of-the-box ideas rather than sticking to the traditional strategies to succeed.

The changing needs of the users are where artificial intelligence comes into the clear. It is redefining the conventional web development concepts taking the designing world to a whole new level.

AI lending a helping virtual hand

Many among us believed in the science fiction of “robot went rogue”, Artificial Intelligence is merely eliminating repetitive jobs. From chatbots to virtual assistants, AI is the technology making our lives simpler. An example of this can be Google’s RankBrain, which uses AI to provide users with relevant and quality results for their queries.

In addition to that, virtual assistants such as Siri and Cortana helps users to process their inquiries using voice. Besides that, they are also capable of performing simple tasks such as playing music or setting an alarm. Home assistants such as Amazon Echo, or Google Home provides the users with the ease of simple activation of home appliances.

With that said, Artificial Intelligence is becoming an essential aspect of our daily lives.

AI and Web designing

With the introduction of ADI tools, designing a functional and appealing web design has become easier. Platforms such as Wix, offer popular automated designs building tools with customizable options.

Designers, developers, and entrepreneurs don’t have to build a web design from scratch, nor do they have to spend time choosing a suitable design template. Instead, the AI assistant of Wix can design it using nothing more than the site’s name and quick answers to specific questions. The platform analyses the information and identifies a suitable layout, font, colours, etc. to create an eye-catching web design.

Many companies today are turning to AI to automate their branding process. With that notion, it can be said that AI has made good web design more accessible and affordable for big and small companies.

AI works to Enhance User Experience

AI doesn’t only enhance web design at the developer’s end, but it is changing the way a user perceives and experiences the website. For example, the focus of web design is moving towards a more realistic interface that is relatable for the users. In such designs, the use of simple 3D animations can how to access the website and persuade them to take the next step.

The use of animations in design doesn’t only indicate the increasing shift toward a customer-focused website but have prioritized getting the message out to the customers. With the emergence of various styles of animation, developers are focusing on building a website that is engaging and suited to the customer’s preferences.

AI as a Web design Diagnostic tool

Although AI is deployed to improve the functionality and user experience of the design, it can also work as an analytic and diagnostic tool. With the new era of modern web design, the changing trend of the design industry, and the strict standards of search engines such as Google, the quality of the web design is the key to the success of your digital footprint.

In order to maintain a position in the digital world, it is essential to run tests to ensure the quality of the website. However, due to the constant reputation of the tests, the source codes get modified, adding load to the website. These tests not only consume time but also take a heavy toll on the website’s performance.

On the other hand, AI-powered analytics tools enable you to assess the quality of the design and observe its performance in real-time. Not just that, it enables them to gain insight so they can reform their website for better results. With that said, AI diagnostic tools enable the user to eliminate A/B testing while getting better site results.

The Bottom Line

The web design and development industry has come a long way since the last decade. With the help of AI, web designers and developers can leverage their full potential taking the web design to a whole new level.

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