Medieval Culture Representation in Malta


An archipelago, Malta is the fifth smallest country located in central Europe in between Sicily and the North African coast. Malta is famous for its historic sites and ancient architecture points. The European country, Malta, has seen various archaic regimes and rulers such as Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French monarch, and British rule. That is why it has multiple historical places, which are a source of attraction for the modern world to visit.

Malta has legendry qualities that draw attention to millions of people themselves. It is famous for its eerie underwater caves, remarkable churches, markets, and archaic medieval buildings. Malta seems like a living museum. Malta formed after combining many small islands and islets, but three of them are the main island those are Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Gozo has the best restaurants and marketplaces in entire Malta. If you are planning to visit Malta, you will enjoy the seafood straight plucked from the sea. You will find yourself under the clean sapphire skies and freshwaters in Malta.

Here are various things to do in Malta. Of them, we will discuss this.

Mdina: The Silent City of Malta

1. Mdina the old Capital of Malta

Once you have entered Malta, the first place to visit is Mdina, the primeval capital of Malta. Mdina is surrounded by water, with around dominating fortifications, which is the specialty of this place. So, if you history enthusiast, Mdina is a far better place to go through.

Picturesque streets and museums are offering a massive opportunity to take pleasure in the place. Alongside the archaic points, Mdina is also known for its charming cafes and eateries that are ideal places to spend more hours.

Barrakka Gardens - City of Valletta Malta

2. The Barrakka Gardens

Upper Baraka Gardens and lower Baraka Gardens imparts the best scenic views throughout Malta to its viewer. It situates near Valletta. In the Lower Baraka Gardens, you will stroll the elegant gardens and photographable temples. The Lower Baraka is small in the area instead of the Upper Baraka Gardens.

The Upper Baraka Gardens grants sight over the three beautiful cities. It occupies a large area with walkways that seem theatrical. Here you will take a look at armaments, which are used to salute the overseas vessels. The best part to know is, it still operates and triggers at noon.

HMS Maori -Valletta - Diving in Malta

3. HMS Maori; Best for Diving

The climate of Malta remains quite warm, which led the visitors to enjoy the dive in its azure seas as it bestowed with them. So, if you love to dive and swim in the deep sea, Malta is an ideal place to do it.

Malta has one thing unique: the military weaponry, which is the ruins of the Second World War, and the self-created reefs can easily astonish visitors.

HMS Maori is one of the most famous ruins destroyed by Germans and sunk. Now it is resting on the deep seafloor around 14 meters in depth.

Lascaris War Rooms Valletta Malta Attractions

4. The Lascaris War Rooms

After viewing these rooms, you will know how much Malta had utilized it as a place of headquarters in WW2 from Britishers. The Lascaris War Rooms represent the militant history and their strategic plans to defend Malta.

The rooms seem like tunnels beneath the Upper Baraka Gardens, containing chambers used by the warriors of the Second World War.

Casa Rocca Piccola is a 16th-Century palace in Malta

5. Casa Rocca Piccola

A magnificent home, Casa Rocca Piccola, built in the 1680s, assumes that it had been treated as a living place for the nobles of Malta.

Recently, Casa Rocca Piccola exercises as a museum, having a massive historical collection of aristocrats of Malta, and the stunning architecture attracts millions of tourists around the globe. It is accessible to everyone to visit.

Another feature of this home cum museum is the collection of costumes belonging to the 18th and 19th centuries, and the antique silver pieces are the right possession for history buffs. There you will see the documentaries and photographs of families who would have contributed to unusually building the mansion.

Fort St Elmo - National War Museum, Valletta, Malta

6. Fort St. Elmo

Malta is a historical place where various warriors and vessels would have used it. Among the others, Knights of St. John were also, fought from Malta against the Ottoman Empire.

Fort. St Elmo was uniquely designed in a star-like structure, which aimed to protect Valleta’s ports. In 1565, it encountered bloodshed that happened in Malta, when about 1500 knights were killed.

It will cater to the need to know the history of warriors and their struggles back in their times.

Comino Dive Centre in Malta

7. Comino, Place for Cave Diving

Comino locates between Gozo and mainland Malta. Comino is the best cave diving point and reefs. Competitively, holds the least populated island than other Malta’s island. It is enriched with underwater caves as a diving spot, which clean blue water draws the attention of people who came to visit Malta.

Coming offers an opportunity to see the aquatic life from a very close view, such as octopus, barracuda, and many more.

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