7 Effective Ways to Create Eye-Catching Whiteboard Animated Videos

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Animated videos have become a top-rated source of marketing for businesses of all sizes. It can attract viewers, captivates their attention, and delivers the message successfully. Previously, animations have just been considered as a medium for entertainment, but today, it has made their way into prominent industries such as education, medical, engineering, and marketing, to name a few.

Due to the widespread use of animations in the industry, it is becoming difficult for businesses to stand apart in the market. So do you need to stand out in the crowd? Well, whiteboard animations can do the job for you.

Whiteboard animations video is a type of animation which involves an artist drawing on the board in front of a camera. However, it is created with the help of digital animations, which makes the process easier and more efficient.

Whiteboard animations are effective and appealing because they can easily get the message across to the audience as well as educate them, which makes it an ideal video style to convey complex ideas to consumers. It works the other way around by making a complicated and boring topic entertaining for the viewers.

That said, big names in the industry take the help of renowned animation agencies to be successful in delivering the company message to the audience. If you are a newbie in the industry, here are some tips which can help you to get started.

1. Never start without having a compelling script

Every animated video, whether an explainer or a whiteboard animation has to have a persuasive script so it can define the action taking place in the video. The script can help with storyboarding, illustrating, and animation process easier for every individual playing their part in crafting a video. Every narrative consists of three important parts:

  • The hook: the compelling beginning of the video which can interest the viewers to continue
  • The body: this is where you tell the audience how your product can solve their problem
  • The Call to Action: it is where you influence the audience to take action

Keep your whiteboard video educational. Instead of just selling your product, you need to explain to the audience the reasons and influence them to choose your product. Working on your own, you may not have professional writers to create a script. However, there are many sites where you can find a scriptwriter to create a compelling script for your video.

2. The storyboard

As said above, a compelling script leads to an influencing video. However, before beginning with the animation process, you need to illustrate the keyframes of the video. This process is known as storyboarding, which showcases all the important scenes of the video so that it is easier for animators, and voiceover artists to follow the story. You can pair the draft with the respective parts of the script.

3. Three elements of a successful whiteboard animated video

There are three elements of whiteboard animations which sets it apart from all the other types used for marketing.

  • The whiteboard: as suggested by the name of the animation style, don’t try using other colors for the background as the white part of the whiteboard is essential to get the message out.
  • The interconnectedness of the drawing: one thing leads to another in whiteboard animations which makes it unique and helps the audience to follow the message. It makes your story uninterrupted and interrelated.
  • The drawing hand of the artist: drawings cannot be complete without a hand drawing it. If you don’t include the hand in your video, it can leave your viewers confused.

There are other things that also help in making a successful whiteboard animated video. The drawing style, character, and more can make a video successful, but the elements mentioned above are what make the whiteboard animation apart.

4. Include brand awareness

Your whiteboard animated video doesn’t have to be black and white. Sure, you have to stick to some rules of animation, but you can make it fun too. You can add colors and other visual elements such as your company logo to make your brand recognizable in the industry.

5. make sure your audience can connect with your brand

Including your audience in the narrative is a great way to attract the audience to your brand. The best thing that you can do is to add characters inspired by your buyers’ persona, to humanize the message in your animated video.

Creating characters that visually represent your audience can help your message resonate with your viewers, making an impact on the audience.

6. Keep it short

People in online spaces quickly lose interest as they are multitasking. To capture the attention of the audience, it is important that you create small videos which can keep them engaged from the beginning till the end.

The ideal video length should be between 60 and 90 seconds which is enough span to communicate your business message and capture the attention of the audience. You must also remember that the first ten to fifteen seconds of a video are the most critical to keep the viewers engaged with the video. This is where your audience decides if they want to continue or leave. So try to communicate your brand message in the first fifteen seconds of the video.

7. Quality is essential

Marketing videos have become a popular medium to communicate your business message to the world. They represent your company, so it is important to aim for the highest quality of videos to represent your company.

Wrapping it up

Whiteboard animations work to educate and communicate with your audience. They are simple and can convey even the most complex idea in simple illustrations. Using animated characters combined with a unique story to tell can capture the attention of the audience, turning them into regular customers of the business.

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