From The Small Town of Loudon to TikTok Celebrity

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1. Brittany Xavier’s unique fashion sense has won her a following of young people from all over the world

Brittany Xavier is a young woman from the small town of Loudon, New Hampshire. She grew up with a love of classical music and ballet and it was only natural for her to be inspired by the women who came before her. She began making clothing as a means to express herself but quickly discovered that there was more to fashion than just aesthetics. Eventually, she found herself in the position to be able to influence her audience of young people way beyond wearing clothes. In an interview with The Cut, she said: [I’m] not just about fashion.

I’m about fashion that’s accessible and affordable, but at the same time has substance. I want my clothing to be functional — to me, it’s like making a quilt or knitting or anything else you make — it’s not just about your own personal style but also what you’re doing with your life. I’m sure some people are going to think that’s crazy, but I don’t care. That’s my business and that’s what interests me most.

Her unique sense of style is so striking because she looks older than her age (she turned 20 this year) and she uses her youthfulness in a very effective way; she doesn’t look like she needs make-up or hair products, which likely makes for an easier transition into adulthood for many girls and women around the world who have grown up in countries where these things are impossible (and in fact have no idea what they are).

The easiest way to describe Brittany’s appeal is that it isn’t just about exploring makeup: it’s about feeling good in clothes that you can buy at Target or Best Buy — because they’re inexpensive!

Brittany’s story is not uncommon: we find many creative ways of attracting attention from young people around the world through products made by young women (as well as men!). Here are some other examples:

2. Xavier started out as a Millennial fashion blogger, but today, her followers are mostly Gen Zers.

Brittany Xavier is a high-profile fashion blogger and influencer. She’s known for her work on social media, but now she’s branching out into other fields too, including marketing.

In 2013, Xavier launched a clothing line called “Thrifts and Threads” which sold denim and accessories at thrift shops like Goodwill. In 2017, the company was acquired by Gap Inc., an American multinational retailer based in the United States. Xavier launched her own clothing line through GAP: the brand Dungarees (a play on words from the GAP name), which sells women-specific clothes ranging from casual staples to more trendy pieces made with recycled materials, hemp, and brown leather.

3. Her blog, “Thrifts and Threads,” is all about finding stylish clothes at bargain prices

Brittany Xavier is a true millennial – she’s just turned 18 and already has an impressive portfolio of lifestyle brands that include “Thrifts and Threads,” a blog, and “Empress,” her clothing line.

Her blog is definitely focused on selling quality clothes at affordable prices rather than selling them online. And yet, the way she communicates her value proposition to her followers is very different from most other fashion bloggers. She uses a series of statements in the title of each post that is aimed at convincing people to buy her clothes. For example: “How I can save you money with my thrifty thrift-style clothing” or “I can teach you how to save money with thrifting.”

She doesn’t do this because of any inherent value proposition: it’s all about communication. She offers a lot more than just message control and has done so for years now (her biggest competitors are actually brands that provide similar services). But she does so by being forceful about how she communicates values (which I’ll explain further in the next section).

When I was writing this post — which focused on how the value proposition is communicated — I was thinking a lot about Brittany Xavier because of her own story – even if she didn’t start out as one of those young women who went straight from high school to becoming fashion influencers. Her story shows us that creating brand-specific value propositions isn’t always easy, especially when your audience is large and diverse as they are today (and will be in the future).

Brittany Xavier’s story shows us that creating brand-specific value propositions isn’t always easy, especially when your audience is large and diverse as they are today (and will be in the future).

4. Xavier is often featured in magazines and online publications for her trendy looks.

Brittany Xavier, the founder of “Thrifts and Threads” and one of the original fashion influencers and founders of “Thrifts and Threads,” may have started as a Millennial fashion blogger, but today, many of her followers are Gen Z.

She has built a following by posting photos on Instagram in a way that was once unheard of. The entire process is simple: upload images to her account and share them through the hashtag #thriftsshopping or #thriftsshoppingtrends. And now she has built an online following for herself that reaches around 15 million people worldwide.

The key takeaway here is that Brittany Xavier does not aim to simply sell you something; she aims to sell you something more. She wants her followers to feel more comfortable sharing their personal photos on social media; she wants them to be able to easily send large files through the app (whether it is partial photos or full-length videos); and most importantly, she wants them to feel empowered while doing so.

5. She has also worked as a stylist

Brittany Xavier (AKA Brittany X) is the original Millennial fashion blogger. In her early 20s, Brittany X launched a blog known as Thrifts and Threads. The blog was an outlet for her to share personal fashion tips, screen-printing techniques, and even her own clothing line. In 2011, she partnered with fellow blogger Alyssa Milano to launch a beauty brand called “Thrifts and Threads Cosmetics” that caters to women of all ages.

Brittany X made a name for herself by being very opinionated on social media about everything from food and fitness to politics and gender roles. She has also been a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood, something that’s not easily forgotten because of her Twitter handle (@BrittanyX). Just this year she was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Her influence is undeniable; many fashion brands have since asked Brittany X for help in making their products more accessible to women of color or young people—she has helped design denim pants that look great on anyone while also allowing them to fit well on taller people (no matter their height).

These days Brittany X spends most of her time working on Thrifts & Threads Cosmetics which she co-founded alongside Alyssa Milano in 2011 after trying out various other brands before deciding that the only way to make a name for herself was through entrepreneurship. With help from her friend Alyssa Milano, Brittany X teamed up with two other bloggers: Tia Mowry-Housley and Ashley Naficy—although they did not know each other at the time—to create Thrifts & Threads Cosmetics which they launched in 2012.

Brittany X had an idea: Apply professional makeup tools to make cosmetics more affordable than lipstick alone. That led to the birth of “Thrifts & Threads Cosmetics” which offered high-quality makeup at affordable prices by using professional tools and techniques like eyelash curling instead of mascara or using small brushes instead of big ones; it also offered different formula types including lip balm or lip glosses without parabens or phthalates (which are found in most cosmetic products) as well as natural ingredients such as brown sugar, essential oils, beeswax and soaps made from coconut oil or olive oil instead of detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sulfates.

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