A Few Words About Branding and The Role of The Logo

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It often happens that a brand’s logo and corporate identity have nothing in common. The logo may not tell the consumer anything about the brand’s mission and policies, but together they create a common image of the company and its product.

Every day we come across logo designs of various businesses. We recognize them by their colours, badges, and style. But we don’t think about how this affects our decisions and relations with the brand, although our subconscious mind picks up the slightest nuances and creates our impression of a particular product. Through this article, you will be able to read some great techniques to merge design and marketing for high-approach results.

To understand the meaning of the company logo, corporate identity, and brand concept, let’s define the terminology.


A logo is a company’s visual recognition by using a symbol, font, or a combination thereof. When a logo becomes recognizable to a large number of people, its main functions come into force. They look for him on the memorable Facebook avatar or recognize the sticker on the car that brings your favourite buns to the store. In other words, the logo serves for the recognition of a company or product on print or digital media.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is a more tangible concept. This is a brand book designed by designers with love, printed, and handed over to the client. It is a set of techniques and images that forms the general style of the company and is used on all its promotional products: souvenir products, POS materials, packaging, outdoor advertising and signs, and other communication channels.


A brand is a perceived emotional corporate image as a whole. A brand cannot be developed or created. This is a collective perception of the company as something unified, based on the perception of the company logo, its corporate identity, products or services produced by it, and the experience of people interacting with the company. The brand’s value is built over time in customers’ minds.

For example, the Facebook brand has its own blue and white logo with the letter “f.” Its signature style and recognizable attribute are colours, the like icon, and font. This symbolism indicates any activity and ownership of the brand, including its office in California.

Why is it necessary

The key idea of ​​creating a corporate image is that everything a company does, owns, and produces should reflect its values and goals. The consistent implementation of this task creates a company, develops its integrity, points to its principles and ideals, and reveals its essence. In this case, it is not just about colors, fonts, logos, and slogans.

In fact, proper branding helps the company to remain in the market and be in demand without dumping prices and unique offers. It helps consumers get involved in the company’s values, creating an emotional attachment to the brand. Despite the international nature of the branding of large companies, it is important to know the consumer at the local level. The logo cannot solve these problems, but the brand continues to live in the minds of consumers.

When we talk about the emotional relationship of brand-consumer, we immediately recall the eternal confrontation of fans of operating systems – Windows, Mac, and Linux. Linux-based IT workers and other operating systems are considered frivolous. At the same time, owners of MacBook and Windows computers are not eager to mess with complex UNIX systems. Similar brand loyalty confirms the correctness of the chosen corporate identity.

How to implement it

The secret to a proper corporate identity consists of 3 essential ingredients: the simplicity of the product (successful positioning), the right name, and the beautiful and functional design of the product. In order for all these components to be correctly selected, branding is carried out in several stages. First comes market analysis, identification, and research of the target audience. After – the development of the brand’s strategy, it’s positioning, and its essence. When the data is collected, marketers begin to build a brand and form a plan for its promotion. It is important not to forget to monitor brand perception by the public and evaluate its effectiveness.

What Branding Is For?

One tool will help business owners make the brand even more popular. Try to invest not only in the external qualities of the company but also in the internal, such as the development of corporate culture. In order to convey the emotion to the consumer, you need to experience it yourself. The brand value will only grow if you learn to attract consumers and the best employees.

Pay attention to how much effort McDonald’s and Google are putting into making their employees feel special. Advertising with great logo designs and a description of a convenient work schedule at McDonald’s can be seen on boards in all major cities of the world.

As for Google, they even sponsored the filming of a movie to show all the delights of working in their corporation from the inside.

What is the essence?

A logo design can be expensive and beautiful, but the company cannot be competitive if the consumers are not emotionally attached to it. Social network users acutely feel falsity and straightforward advertising and do not respond to it. Therefore, if we are talking about the brand of a rich, strong company, it should raise the bar of contrast to the maximum.

As you can see, the logo and corporate identity are integral parts of branding, but it is primarily based on the emotion that the consumer experiences when he comes into contact with the brand. It is necessary to involve the factor of brand loyalty in your customers. Design your custom logo in such a way that it can reflect the need of your consumer. To market it, use different methods and techniques. It will all turn out to be fruitful in the long term.

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