Derek Hough is Included in Panel of Judges in A.B.C Dance Show

Professional Dancer Derek Hough

Derek Hough, a professional ballroom, Latin dancer attained popularity after performing in A.B.C.’s “Dancing With Stars,” a dance competition series. After that, the Emmy Award was waiting for him, and Derek Hough has become an Emmy-winning choreographer. Recently, he is included in a panel of judges with fellows Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo in the super hit dance competition show “World of Dance,” which is on 4th sequel presenting on its way.

Answers to Rapid Fire Questions

In an interview with Insider, the interviewer asked 15 questions, and the 34 years old dancer and choreographer Derek replied to them as per his choices.  Derek told that he had faced a starstruck situation in front of Steven Spielberg at an Oscar party when Derek went to take a picture with him. Still, the idea was rejected, and he did shake hands firmly instead to take a picture.

In response to a question that what last thing you Google, Derek answered was the last search history on Google engine. We get to know that Derek likes curly fries rather than waffle fries. The book he most wanted to read was The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Quite an impressive choice!

Derek told that the best birthday present he received was his Hawaii trip to learn photography from his favorite photographer, namely, Clark Little. The Insider also asked about his favorite Netflix series, and he replied that he watched the “You” original Netflix series, and that was the thing to like and worth watching.

Best Latin and Ballroom Dancer Derek Hough

Derek was asked what was his first concert, in answer he said that his first concert was Korn. His recent favorite Spotify artist is Novo Amor. In answer to a strange question that if you could have one superpower, what would it be. Derek answered that he would love to choose the power to absorb and the ability to use other’s superpowers.

Insider asked about his dream job or project he wants to work on in Hollywood. He responded that he is working on his dream job in W.O.D. Derek told about the behind-scenes of World of Dance that his trailer is shorter than his fellow judge Jennifer Lopez. Derek said that he, Ne-Yo, and Scott also do fun spending time on the set of W.O.D., when they are free or not filming.

Currently, Derek is supporting and in partnership with U.S. Cellular’s The Future of Good program. Insider asked him to the reason behind his support. He stated that he is satisfied and happy to support anything that works for the betterment of the U.S. and the young generation of the U.S.A. Furthermore, he said that Cellular is investing efforts and money to encourage the young kids, who are struggling and fighting with unfairness and equal opportunity in their community.

American Professional Dancing Show Judge Derek Hough

Cellular is working to ensure the bright futures of these kids. Derek told that recently, Cellular would elect six young humanitarians to give $10,000 for their work and projects. Moreover, Derek was glad to know about his contribution to Cellular.

It can be seen that Derek often contributes to charitable works and projects. In an interview, he asserted that he likes O.U.R. (Operational Underground Railroad), a group of people who target situations that are often not spoken or usually neglected to counter. According to Derek, the reason for his likeness is that the organization is committed to rescuing the enslaved children, and he feels proud to support these types of causes.

In his interview, he disclosed his future upcoming Vegas residency and the show that will be filled with world-best dance music with exciting and amazing costumes. Different dance styles will be adopted like old and contemporary Hollywood, nostalgic ballroom and Latin, rock and roll, and tap.

Derek told that why he named his performance, Derek Hough: No Limit, by explaining the logic behind that is dance must be limitless, and he loves to see when young kids move their body parts to create something unique and new. Kids who dance, and his passion and motivation for dance should be limitless or infinite because it is not only a profession, there is fun hidden inside of it.

Latin and Ballroom Choreographer Derek Hough

What Shaped Him in a World Best Dancer?

Derek Hough was 12 years young when he was sent to London to live and to train by the top coaches and professional dancers in Italia Conti Academy of Theater and Arts. Derek attained a prestigious scholarship for enrolment in Academy that was his signature achievement as a young kid. The Academy shaped him differently, and today’s Derek considers the best dancer and choreographer in the entire USA.

Derek has also performed in various shows and stage productions, including Footloose: The Musical in the years 2006 and 2005, Radio City Music Hall in New York City. In 2013, Derek starred in Making Your Move, a South-Korean-American dance film that was based on Romeo and Juliet theme.

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