The Dominating Pattern Trends of the Year 2021

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In the year 2021, we see a significant comeback of prints from previous trends, and some arrive with definitive and visible changes. The fashion of London, Milan, Paris, and New York shows a shift towards the wearable, stable, and cozy chic that was showcased in the pattern trends of 2020.

Famous fashion brands have presented some vintage prints with floral and tapestry- throughout the fashion shows of big fashion producer countries. Same as tartans and plaid prints for winter demonstrated in outlets and fashion shows. also, and the edition gave a warmth and comfort feeling. Many designers headed to bring back the old fashion patterns, and some concentrated on symmetrical designs and abstract paint prints. Some designers took the ideas from nature and emerged floral prints in large and small sizes.

The Graceful Plaid and Tartans Clothes

We saw a warm print in the winter of 2021: tartans and plaids. Both of the prints are traditional and woolen in terms of clothing stuff. The print itself gives a humid feel to eyes and minds. During the whole winter season, in many runways and fashion shows, we see the print worn by models. It will be legit to say that the print can be considered the stand-out print of the winter season of the year 2020.

The Graceful Plaid and Tartans ClothesMarc Jacobs Fall 2020 Ready-to-Wear, New York, February 12, 2020.Victor Virgile / Getty Images

Big in Size, Floral-Print with Bold Colours is Mesmerizing

This following year, we viewed the various sizes of floral patterns on runways. The floral prints carried bright colors, which gave a feminine charm. Many big brands worked on floral-inspired prints, and their creation was seen on fashion shows. The brands like Rodarte use the pattern with autumnal florals decorated on silk cloth dresses.

Big in Size, Floral-Print with Bold Colours is MesmerizingCredit: Getty Image

Subtle Florals Looks Elegant

Tory Burch manipulated the delicate and small florals and used them in her collection, which she took inspiration from the famous designer Francesca DiMattio. Sfashe styled the subtle florals with rustic print and crafted a unique tight-fitted and many other flowy dresses.

The small floral-patterned clothes inspired the most viewers and fashion followers. It is a shift from the big floral to the small one, which looks cute and gentle in appearance.

Subtle Florals Looks ElegantCarolina Herrera, Prabal Gurung, Anna Sui, Carolina Herrera

Animals Print Seems Exceptional

Here we see some playful art by designers, and that is a strange combination of animal and art. In the year 2021, we viewed the same thing combined. It is an innovation of modern art twisted mutually in a subtle manner. Popular high-end brands opted for the idea and crafted their collection, such as Channel Kenzo, and last year the idea was used in Libertine.

Animals Print Seems ExceptionalCredit: Charles Platiau / Reuters

Words and Letters Printed Outfits

It is an old trend that brands use letters and jumbled words or phrases to express a thorough massage, and the garments industry also worked on this unique idea. But now, in the year 2021, the fashion style again conquered the minds, and current designers apply the format of the word on clothes. That is why we saw the model wore the words-detailed print. Channel is a brand that excessively uses its brand name on its articles, even on trench coats, bags, and other accessories.

Words and Letters Printed OutfitsCredit: Alexandre Herchcovitch

Zebra Print Influenced the Consumers

The fall of 2021 comes with a detailed zebra print on the runway. The black and white combination zebra printed style has set the trend of 2021 that will be loved by many fashion followers. Christopher Kane used the zebra print fabric to make long skirts, long sleeves, and high-necked dresses for the fashion show. The print is also used by high-end brands. The print went beyond the clothing style. It used to make luxury footwear by many brands, which is admired by many fashion fans.

Zebra Print Influenced the ConsumersThe animal print looks from Spring/Summer ‘19 runways. Image Source: Glowsly

Leopard was the Most Trending Print

It is a very true statement that the leopard print set the high-end chic standard and, at the same time, was trending the most. We can clearly and for sure say that animal prints are still liked and trending across the world. The last year belonged to leopard print because it had become an obsession for the fashion disciples. But it did not go away. We can still grasp the leopard-inspired looks and luxury accessories like female footwear. The most famous brand Versace excessively used the ostentatious leopard pattern in its massive collection.

Leopard was the Most Trending Print
Credit: Hypebae

A New Snake Print Emerged in the Fashion Industry

The animal-related art is frequently used by many big brands, which is genuinely a whole new concept and idea in the fashion industry. Designers proficiently and professionally used the snakeskin-inspired print in different variations and kinds of stuff. It will be easy to find the print in clothing outlets of exclusive brands, and it is used for making fashionable and luxury shoes, respectively, by the most famous and expensive brands of the world like Gucci, Versace, and many others. In the year 2021, it is still a vogue pattern liked by millions of consumers.

A New Snake Print Emerged in the Fashion Industry
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