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If you are a fashion follower, then I am pretty sure you would be in touch with the fashion trends and these trends decided by the fashion legends and designers. Every new collection on the runway defines a new way of chic and more updated manner of styling we get to know. Keeping an eye on each fashion trend enables the person to follow the specific scheme of art. People get to know what to wear and what will match perfectly with the outfit.

Additionally, the updated version of the clothing line which, showcase on the runways, compels us to make them part of our wardrobe. From clothing to accessories, all are part of the fashion industry. The most critical thing regarding runway shows is the regard that they are considered as the prediction of the style in the following year. It is also fun to pursue knowledge about fashion. So, if you have missed the chance to see the 2019 runway fashion shows for Spring/Summer 2021 and Fall/Winter 2021, this writes up will help you because it took a long look at what designers are going to offer for the upcoming year. Here, some different fashion trends are summarized, which will see throughout 2021.

There are so many trends in 2021 that must know fashion followers. The runways of Off-White, Caroline Herrera, Miu-Miu, and many others showcased their variety of clothing. Some are re-entering in the following year, and others are a blend of contemporary and old-fashion styles.

Polka-Dot Prints Are Making Waves on the Spring

Polka Dots Trend – New York Fashion Week in the USA

In the fashion show of Caroline Herrera, we see the polka dots patterned clothing, which is an old trend, but the pattern again re-emerges in the trend of Summer/Spring 2021. Hence, you can prepare your wardrobe with raised polka dots chic clothing.

Marigold introduced as a new color

Marigold introduced as a new color

Marigold is complex to define color, which is not mustard, not yellow, and not gold. It is a color between all of them. On the fashion shows of Shutterstock, AP, Richard Drew, and Christian Siriano, this color is seen in a different style of clothing. Hence, we can say that the marigold will dominate the year 2021, and we are waiting for which celebrity will pick this exceptional color to wear at red carpet events.

20 Fashion Trends to Know for 2020

Suits again followed 2021

The year 2019 was filled with suits, suits, and suits, and the same thing we see in 2021. So, we can say that 2021 is not different from the last year’s about suits. The fashion show held by Shutterstock, WWD, Rodin Banica, and other brands demonstrated their lines of suits on the runways. The New York Fashion Week of the USA was bombarded with strong-shoulders and perfectly tailored suits that were giving the idea to empowered the working women.

Fashion lookahead: major looks for 2020

Intensely Bright Green Color will not tingle in your eyes

In this season, a significant splash in the year came with a very bright green color. Neon has been and will be in the trending colors of the year 2021, and many fashion shows like WWD, push BUTTON, and Shutterstock used the neon color in their upcoming line of clothing, which inspired the people. Thus, you can enjoy this vibrant color in the summer of 2021. The neon color is used to craft stylish and luxurious footwear and other accessories.

Top Leather Fashion Trends in Autumn/Winter 2020

Colorful Leather will opt to wear in fall 2021

MarcasTondo, Shutterstock, Annnakiki show presented vivid and punchy leather pieces of stuff. The vogue to wear Leather has slightly changed. Before, it was usually worn in camel hue, but now colorful leather clothing stuff is welcoming you in the year 2021. Now, you can fill your wardrobe with vibrant, bright leather jackets, shoes, and folks.

How to Wear the Fall/Winter 2020 Metallic Trend

Have you seen the metallic before?

In the year 2021, you will welcome all kinds of metallic and shiny fabrics, which graced the Spring/Summer fashion trend of the year. Marco Rambaldi’s fashion show gives us the chance to see these metallics in various designs and colors. So, you can brightly shine with your metallic outfit with subtle makeup.

Fashion Week Trends Report 2020

Neutral but Chic Expressive

MiuMiu fashion show was looking obsessed with the neutral looks, which we’re giving a stylish look as well. The 2021 Spring/Summer fashion trends are mostly relatable to the effortlessly subtle looks which you will love to wear in the season.

Current Fashion Trends You'll Be Wearing In 2020

Dress Coats came back in fashion trends

In the fashion shows of Shutterstock, and Bottega Veneta presented the lazy-girl-fashion that is dress coats, which are long and colorful. The whole looks of the dress coats are promising. Various models walked over on many runways, who were found in these long-dress coats, which we’re looking mesmerizing.

Finally, there are more other trends which will be followed by fashion lovers. It depends on you what perfect outfit you pick from the fashion shows and make it your wardrobe part this year.

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