Kotlin is Now Google’s Preferred Language for Android App Development

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Google has now openly admired how versatile Kotlin computer language has become over the years. JetBrains was the main mastermind behind it and gave its full support. Finally, Google makes this language their top choice for creating Android apps. In 2017, the tech giant offered its support for developing computer language.

Today, Kotlin has become the Android app’s mainstream trend. Nowadays, most programmers use this language to create applications for non-iOS phone users. They want to excel in this popular computer language after Google’s announcement for making their official favorite one. Numerous Jetpack APIs and features will be available in Kotlin.

Besides, anything that Google endorses has something for you. Hence, be vigilant and pick the tone and programming delicacy of the famous coding dialect. It is the primary reason Logo Symmetry’s Android app development services in London professional programmers are on it already. The good news is that LS in-house professionals have now started using Kotlin alongside Java and C++ to create applications for Android OS.

Kotlin’s popularity has only increased twofold or even more. More than 50% of professional Android developers now use the language to develop their apps, Google says. The latest Stack Overflow developer survey ranks Kotlin as the best programming language, ranking it fourth.

Why is Google making Kotlin their number one choice?

Google has made Kotlin their favorite one for Android app development. It is due to its versatile nature and ability to merge with other languages. The chief advocate for Android, Chet Haase, states, “We’re announcing that the next big step we’re making is going Kotlin-first.” Understandably, Android app developers might still be using C++ and Java for creating applications. Of course, Kotlin is a new one and will take time to bud and blossom incredibly flexible Android apps in the future.

Furthermore, Google is openhandedly accepting Kotlin as their champion computer language. There are several reasons behind it. First off,  it enables Android app developers to create fascinating games. Another big reason is Kotlin’s acclimatization with Java. Also, it is the most popular and widely used programming language. Ambitious programmers and other computer language enthusiasts have also made Kotlin reach atop SERPs searches.

Kotlin is the only “additional” language that supports their latest Android app development tools. Nonetheless, it is not a replacement for C++ and Java languages. But it still can become a widely acclaimed computer language among programmers. Subsequently, Google’s I/O keynote announcement for Kotlin was loud and clear.

Other few Benefits of Kotlin Computer Language:

  • The most significant advantage of using Kotlin is fewer coding requirements. It means you can create a layout for your website layout without requiring days of scrawling onscreen.
  • Several Andriod developers enjoy using Kotlin computer language because of its understandable coding terms.
  • Kotlin is highly flexible and compatible with Java. Plus, you can merge its coding with other languages that work effectively.
  • Familiarizing with Kotin coding is super easy compared to other complex computer languages.
  • Mobile app companies famous for their custom app development services are enjoying the freedom of flexibility. They’re able to craft excellent bespoke apps for clients by using Kotlin.
  • No extra runtime is required when trying to execute an Android app.
  • Kotlin is an excellent language for creating Android apps and cross-platform ones.
  • You get more security for your Android apps with Kotlin.
  • Kotlin has the support of a strong community of mobile application designers.
  • Kotlin will become the next open-source platform for creating Android apps.
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