8 Animation Trends That Will Dominate The 2022

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Animation is a buzzing trend today. It is a powerful weapon for businesses to advertise their brands and reach their target audience. Animation gives a colorful impact to the videos and enhances their value and demand. It shows a captivating appeal to the audience and grabs their first glance attention. Video animation aims to develop a keen interest among the visitors and hook them to the screen.

Videos are popular among the target audience. They are popular among all ages of people regardless of their age and gender. People watch videos mostly for entertainment. Seeking information is another factor of videos. They provide knowledgeable content that people read and share with their friends. YouTube is the leading video marketing channel worldwide. It offers a diverse range of visual content to watch and share with others.

For businesses, there is a special purpose for creating videos; they need videos to promote their brands. Many companies have in-house studios to shoot their videos and share them with the audience. Companies create whiteboards or explainer videos to explain their products and services in comprehensive detail to the customers. They make these videos to develop an interest in visitors to watch them from the beginning till the end and not move away from their eyes from the screen. Videos are purposefully designed to make things easier for customers to understand the purpose of the brand and get convinced to buy products.

The trends for animation change year by year. They vary with the season and fluctuate with the market. Creating an animated video is a stylish and creative trend among businesses nowadays. It profoundly impacts the customers and compels them to make an immediate decision.

Following are the animation trends that will dominate the industry in 2022:

2D and 3D Animation

The blend of 2d and 3d animation deeply impacts the visitors. They influence the mind and senses of visitors and capture their noticeable attention. A dynamic mix of 2d and 3d animation brings a two and three-dimensional effect on the target audience. It adds the combination of these elements to create something new and trendy for the customers. 3d animation has an extensive demand among social media, television, and interactive animated movies.

VR Animation

In the animation industry, the term VR refers to as virtual reality. It transforms imaginative ideas into a realistic world. Virtual reality can make everything possible for everyone. What you think is what you portray to others in terms of cartoon characters and motion animation. The VR Animation trend started with gaming, but now it can be used in a variety of video ideas such as entertainment, education, and corporate videos. VR animation offers a magnetic attraction to people and draws their attention.

Liquid Motion Animation

A liquid motion offers a smooth flow of animation effect that feels like water. It creates seamless motion and displays on the screen to customers. The liquid motion display shows a realistic effect on the customers and gives them a pleasant appeal.

This kind of animation is used for business branding, marketing, explainer, and social media content. It promotes the quality of content to visitors and catches their core attention. The dynamic and interactive display of liquid motion shows an alluring effect on customers and captures their visual attraction.

Thin Line Animation

It is a one-of-a-kind approach of drawing lines and shapes for the screen icons. These icons represent the functionalities and purpose of in-built apps like email, maps, etc. A thin line animation allows a designer to sketch a narrow line to show a distinctive look. It displays the power of linear art animation to promote the brand and enhance the visual presence of your business.

Kinetic Typography

Typography is a term associated with a text. It beautifies the text and makes it appealing to the eyes. Kinetic typography gives a dynamic appearance to your text. It converts text from static to motion. It allows businesses to experiment with their texts and stretches the letters to display them in bold fonts. It is a popular trend nowadays among mobile applications and eCommerce websites to exhibit a catchy and trendy display to the audience. This kind of typography is an ideal way to boost content readability and uses an unconventional idea to portray unique typesetting and layout design for the viewers to give them a striking effect.

Color Palette

Colors bring life to the videos. They enhance the mood of a viewer and engage them for long hours.  It gives a colorful and remarkable look to an animated video with a combination of shades. Designers can make a fusion of retro and modern feel of animations to add charm and attraction.

Vertical Animations

Vertical animations are all about social media. The popularity of vertical videos is on the rise nowadays due to their interactive appeal to the audience. They provide a sense of engagement among customers and draw their attention to a wide array of customers.  Many popular social media platforms use short-length vertical animated videos to promote their brands and advertise their products.

Animated Videos

Animated videos greatly impact the minds and senses of the audience. They show a compelling effect to the visitors and leave a lasting impression on them.  Companies use animated videos for the branding and marketing of their products. Animations provide a sense of attraction and interaction to the customers and involve them in watching the videos and getting valuable information from them.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are futuristic trends that will dominate the industry in 2022. The trend for animation videos is on the rise, and businesses intend to adopt them to boost their brand in the future.

Companies use animation for advertising their brand and promoting their products and services in the market for better revenue and profit. They use it as a cost-effective marketing strategy to highlight the significance of their brand. It greatly appreciates the animated videos and compels people to like, share, and subscribe to the videos for better promotion.

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